Malware Analysis

Augment RevBits Incident Response with this Malware Analysis and Risk Assessment service. RevBits engineers track malware at the code level and present customers with all of its capabilities, detailing risk exposure based on compromise and leave nothing to chance.

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Knowledge built on expertise in malware analysis and reverse engineering.

RevBits is the cybersecurity firm other organizations turn to for expert malware analysis and remediation tools. Some of the largest companies in malware protection have contracted RevBits to help solve their clients' biggest malware problems. RevBits makes it easy for teams to quickly, easily and securely get the answers they need when examining a piece of malware.

Thorough Malware Analysis

RevBits risk assessments detail threats to any network.

Receive a detailed report within 24 hours

RevBits secure portal allows users to upload malware and receive a report detailing how it works, where it came from and if it caused any damage to company systems — all within 24 hours.


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