Incident Response Services

Recover from breaches with fast and reliable incident response, forensics and actionable insights for future protection.

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RevBits specializes in investigating intrusions performed by the most advanced attackers.

RevBits comprehensive assessments include the timeline of activity, extent of damage caused, and remediation guidance. RevBits engineers also perform a root-cause analysis to understand how attackers initially gained access to a system and how to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Quick & Personalized Incident Reports

RevBits analysts' top-notch expertise and innovative approach to security help businesses recover quickly from incidents and proactively prevent future breaches.

Initial assessment within 24 hours

As subscribers to the RevBits security maintenance packages, users don't have to wait before RevBits experts begin an in-depth investigation. Immediate, initial findings allow enterprises to stop the damage right away.


Interactive Dashboard

Receive a comprehensive investigation report

From suspicious network activity to compromised points in systems and vulnerability and malware analysis, RevBits investigation reports include everything needed to improve network security.

Mitigate the possibility of threats to every system

RevBits investigations help mitigate information theft, identity mining, health information breaches and financial crime.

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