Multiple Devices & Multiple Languages

RevBits engineers specialize in finding weaknesses in applications (mobile, IoT devices, etc.) written in many languages, including C/C++, Java, .NET and VB.NET. RevBits experts know where to find the vulnerabilities lurking in IoT devices and code before hackers can exploit them.

RevBits Code Security Review Experts

Expert Insight

Work with a team from many industries

RevBits is made up of individuals with proven expertise in the private and public sectors. By using RevBits Code Review services, enterprises can rest assured that their security is in the best hands.

RevBits Stay up to Date

Stay up to Date

Protect against any threat

RevBits analysts can review software to identify critical security vulnerabilities, violations of best practices, security design issues and more to ensure that any code and mobile application can keep up with the latest threats. RevBits engineers can also help patch these vulnerabilities to completely secure any application.

RevBits Most Efficient Detection Possible

Most Efficient Detection Possible

No wasted time

The key to reducing business damage is faster detection of vulnerabilities through sound code, mobile application security and IoT device review. RevBits team of experts provide the highest-quality and most efficient security reviews on the market.

RevBits Complete Security Review

Complete Security Review

Review code flaw categories and input parameters

RevBits experts will review and test over 9 code flaw categories and check all input parameters to reduce the risk of any attacks. In-depth testing includes a review of resource usage, input validation, source code design and more.

RevBits provides various types of testing and analyses for IoT devices.

The increase in Internet connected devices raises grave security concerns for businesses. One vulnerability in a smart device can spark countless security issues. RevBits team of specialists can tests all embedded systems such as routers, security cameras, firewalls, gateway controllers, remote access devices and other Internet-connected devices to ensure organizations are completely protected.

Incident Response Service Providers

RevBits takes a comprehensive approach to code security review.

While automated tool analysis is a valuable approach to code security review, it should work alongside a manual one. RevBits dual approach uses highly effective automated tools to check code for security flaws, but RevBits analysts also manually review code. RevBits experts can detect security vulnerabilities that only the trained eye of an expert can find based on years of code analysis and security software design.

Mobile applications are one of the most vulnerable pieces of technology.

To help mitigate some of the risk, app stores are tightening security and removing apps that jeopardize user information. With help from RevBits specialists, organizations can verify that an application's code is secure and guarantee all user data is safe. The code analysis of mobile applications will reveal sensitive user information, improper encryption implementation, and permissions of files and resources of the mobile device.

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