The following terms and conditions apply to the use of any software that is provided to You by RevBits for evaluation purposes (the “Evaluation Software”).

You may use the Evaluation Software for a period of thirty (30) days from the date when the Evaluation Software is first made available to You. If the Evaluation Software is being provided to a company or organization, then you will be provided with access for ten (10) users.

The Evaluation Software is being provided to You on an AS IS basis and only for purposes of evaluation and testing. The Evaluation Software may include software components that must be installed (by download or other means) on your own local computer system; these software components are intended to be installed only in a test environment, that is, on a computer system that is not in actual production use. The Evaluation Software is not intended to provide cybersecurity protection (or to be used for any other purpose) in connection with a computer system that is in actual production use. RevBits will not be responsible if the Evaluation Software is used for any purpose other than evaluation and testing in a test environment.

The Evaluation Software is intended to be used only with sample or test data and NOT with any actual data or other important information. RevBits will not be responsible for the loss or unavailability of any actual data or information that is used with the Evaluation Software. Any comments or suggestions concerning the Evaluation Software that You provide to RevBits will be owned by RevBits and RevBits may use any comments or suggestions that you provide to develop or improve its products and services without compensating You.

In order to request access to the Evaluation Software, please type your name below. If you are requesting access to the Evaluation Software on behalf of a company or organization, then please also type in the name of the company or organization and your title or position with the company or organization. You represent that you are authorized to act on behalf of any company or organization that you identify. By typing in and submitting this information You agree that You, or the company or organization on behalf of which you are acting, will be bound by these terms and conditions and by the terms and conditions set forth in RevBits’ standard form of Evaluation License, copy of which may be found here: RevBits Full Evaluation Agreement

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Your evaluation request will be reviewed, if needed we will contact you for further information.

Once approved, we will send an email with registration and login credentials to create an account in the RevBits test environment.