Enough is Enough!

COVID-19 Related Cyberattacks Must be Stopped Immediately

  1. The world is facing an unprecedented healthcare crisis with COVID-19 rampaging globally. As medical experts, healthcare providers and researchers work relentlessly to help return the world to a normal state, criminal actors are using this situation to further their malicious and dangerous efforts against these dedicated professionals and their institutions.

    To help protect these institutions against costly and potentially deadly cyber-attacks, RevBits is offering its award-winning Email Security solution under extraordinary Enough is Enough! special terms.

    • No Licensing Fees!
    • No Commitments!
    • No Strings Attached!
  2. If your organization meets the eligibility requirements, please simply complete the Enough is Enough! submission form below for verification and receipt of the full RevBits Email Security Solution limited time, implementation package:

    • Hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare facilities that employ at least 25 doctors, nurses, physician assistants or other licensed medical professionals.
    • Pharmaceutical companies, universities / medical schools involved in COVID-19 research, and other organizations engaged in the development of vaccines, therapeutics or other means of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Other organizations with similar purposes that have IT resources sufficient to independently install and administer the software will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Acceptance of RevBits Enough is Enough! Licensing Terms

RevBits Email Security enhances Email Security Architecture

RevBits Email Security enhances email security by detecting and blocking sophisticated malicious emails that get past the outer layers of an organizations email security stack. With RevBits Email Security, organizations can protect the last point of email interaction – the employee endpoint.

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