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Remote workforce, BYOD assets, and third-party access have created a new security dilemma for organizations. Relying solely upon a VPN as security for remote workers and third-party access is insufficient to protect the network. While VPNs provide a degree of protection through encrypting inbound traffic, their security failure comes through providing full network access to users with no privileged access demarcation. RevBits ZTN encrypts, authenticates, and securely connects external users, over SSL/TSL, to internal network assets and applications to which they have specific access without granting full network access.

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Contain and Secure, Regardless of the Perimeter.

Best Zero Trust Networking Software

Any Device Anywhere, Any Time

RevBits ZTN auto-scaling architecture and user/host connections automatically increase and decrease with fluctuating demands, regardless of the time of day, geographic location, condition, or situation.

Best Zero Trust Networking Software Solution

Web Browser Access

RevBits ZTN is a thin-client application. Administrators can access all assets from any web browser or smart device and retain complete control of all remote access sessions. Further, with the additions of RevBits Privileged Access Management, session management can move to the next level of control and security.

Best Zero Trust Network Access Software Solution

Key-point Geolocation Distribution

Extend the end-user perimeter wherever it is needed with distributed geolocation access points. RevBits ZTN connects users to needed applications and assets anywhere in the world - quickly, securely and with minimal effort.

Comprehensive Zero Trust Security Solution that Protects the Perimeter

SaaS Hosted Zero Trust Network Access Software

SaaS Hosted Proxy

Isolate, Authenticate and Protect

RevBits ZTN is SaaS-hosted to provide easy access and onboarding of users and assets. In addition, RevBits ZTN puts security between the enterprise and its network perimeter, regardless of the perimeter's location. Combined with auto-scaling and advanced load balancing, RevBits ZTN dynamically scales with demand.

Zero Trust security Full Remote Session Control

Full Remote Session Control

Reduce Permitter Risk with Revbits ZTN’s Access Control, Governance, and Audit Capabilities

RevBits ZTN provides the tools needed to manage, control, and audit any remote session in the organization's private network, from authentication to disconnection.

Zero Trust security Zero-Deployment


Deployment is a Thing of the Past with RevBits ZTN

RevBits ZTN extends the perimeter to the end-user. With RevBits ZTN, there is no need to spend time deploying host-based clients to secure the network. Onboarding a new remote access host is a breeze with RevBits ZTN's intuitive and high-availability access portal.

Zero Trust security for All Mobile Device

Mobile Device Support for All

BYOD? No Problem, Access ZTN from any Device

RevBits ZTN supports all mobile devices with native applications for each ecosystem. Authentication is user-designed and supports fingerprint, facial recognition, MFA apps, and even Yubikey.

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Endpoint Security

Email Security

Privileged Access Management

Zero Trust Network

Deception Technology

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Easy to Test. Easy to Install.
Total Protection.

RevBits solution suite delivers robust protection through advanced technology and analysis methodologies and provides multiple deployment options ranging from On-premises, SaaS, or Hybrid-cloud.

RevBits will review all requests for approval. Once accepted, RevBits will send credentials for account creation.

Product Features

RevBits ZTN Internet Security

Secure Internet Connectivity

Let RevBits ZTN handle secure Internet connectivity and authentication for remote users. With RevBits ZTN's secure portal, users will connect safely and securely to network assets via the internet. Secure connections ensure network access is controlled and safe.

Comprehensive RevBits ZTN Network Security

Fast and Secure Connections Around the World

With over 24 geographically distributed cloud regions, RevBits ZTN has proxy servers available for remote network access anywhere in the world.

RevBits ZTN Network Security Easy User Access

Efficient User Access

Avoiding client installs allows for seamless onboarding with quick access to all the assets a user needs on the internal network with just a few clicks.

RevBits ZTN Network Security Powerful Platform

A Powerful Platform

Combining RevBits ZTN with RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform, administrators gain an unparalleled view into all sessions. Conducting a forensics investigation and assembling a timeline has never been so easy, intuitive, and seamless.

RevBits ZTN Network Security Mobile Friendly Software

Mobile Device Support

Full access and authentication support for all mobile platforms. The RevBIts ZTN application is available in all current mobile device types.

RevBits ZTN Network Security Internal Access Control

Internal Asset Access Controls

RevBits ZTN allows for granular control, including time and length of access, and ensures only the proper host and the correct assets are accessed. Fine-grained access control is the real power behind RevBits ZTN.

RevBits ZTN Network Security Solution Full Administration Access Control feature

Full Administration Access to ZTN Session

RevBits ZTN allows admins to control every aspect of a remote access session, including monitoring, reviewing, recording, and killing any session with one click, if needed. Enhance governance and control with the addition of RevBits Privileged Access Management.

RevBits ZTN Network Security Software

Load-balanced and Highly Available

Regardless of the number of users, RevBits ZTN will automatically scale to meet access needs. RevBits dynamically allocates resources to support application scalability by auto-scaling and elastically load balancing capacity. In addition, RevBits ZTN's high-available architecture means it is always ready and available to secure remote access to the network.

RevBits ZTN Network Security Third Party Authentication Features

Extensive Authentication

RevBits ZTN authentication options include fingerprint, facial recognition, YubiKey, SAML, MFA APP, text, and many others. Extensive authentication options extend more profound security control of the perimeter.

RevBits Zero Trust Network – The Perimeter Starts Everywhere

Combing RevBits ZTN with our entire product suite, through RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP), provides the most comprehensive view across a network. With full session recording during network access and protecting the environment by extending the perimeter to the user endpoint, the newest threats are no match regardless of the attack vector.

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