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RevBits Email Security is a next-generation email security solution which aims to close major gaps in the current marketplace. Leveraging sophisticated and unique algorithms such as a patented page impersonation detection methodology, Revbits Email Security achieves the deepest level of email analysis. For every email, RevBits Email Security displays a composite, probabilistic score of each email's risk level paired with full details for continuing user education.

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Superior Phishing Detection

Protection Against the Latest Threats

Protection Against the Latest Threats

RevBits Email Security protects organizations against the latest and most effective phishing campaigns. Unmatched techniques, such as the analysis of password protected attachments, page impersonation attack detection using image analysis, and thorough domain background checks, offer the maximum protection against sophisticated and targeted attacks.

Keep it Local

Utilize RevBits Email Security to eliminate unnecessary analysis latency and the risk of exposing emails to third party cloud-based email security providers. Blocked emails are locked in the cloud and batched, ready for manual review. With RevBits Email Security, blocked emails are transformed into non-actionable states and are displayed to the user for awareness and educational purposes.

Stop Threats Before They Happen
Protection Against the Latest Threats

Automatic Reports, Simplified Analysis

Automatic and manually-reported emails are delivered to the RevBits Email Security dashboard. Reported emails are automatically dissected, parsed and analyzed, making them ready for immediate and efficient investigations. Architected for collaborative research, RevBits Email Security allows for streamlined co-operation between internal cybersecurity team members and experienced RevBits analysts.

The Ultimate Anti-Phishing Solution

Two U.S. patents

RevBits has secured two patents for phishing detection and prevention: The first, "system and method for detecting phishing emails," delegates email analysis to email clients for extra processing power and time. The second, "system, method, apparatus, and computer program product to detect page impersonation in phishing attacks," detects sophisticated and previously undetected credential harvesting via fake login pages.


Phishing is one of the easiest and most effective attack vectors into an enterprise network. RevBits Email Security provides maximum and next-generation protection against phishing attacks.

Product Features


Multi-layer Analysis

Like a Matryoshka doll, threats hidden in multi-layered attachments, including password protected ones, are thoroughly unpacked and analyzed by RevBits Email Security.


Ease of Deployment

RevBits Email Security does not require changes to MX settings in DNS, additional hardware installation or complex infrastructural changes.


Complementary Security

While RevBits Email Security is able to fully replace existing email security solutions in any network, it may also operate in conjunction with them.


Intelligence Sharing

RevBits Email Security agents provide feedback on malicious indicators of analyzed emails to the central network server.


SIEM Integration

RevBits Email Security integrates with SIEM solutions in the network, reporting detected emails and analysis results.


Yara Rules

Client defined custom Yara rules may be added manually and automatically through RevBits Email Security API for accurate and bespoke detection.

Comprehensive Phishing Detection and Prevention

To prevent latency in the company’s email delivery system, current email security solutions operate on the gateway server of a company’s network and can only conduct a superficial level of analysis on each email. By operating at the endpoint, RevBits Email Security utilizes the power of the individual client machine to conduct a deep, thorough analysis without creating delays in email delivery.

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