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RevBits Deception Technology is designed to attract, capture and hold the malicious act or that gains entry into the network and probes looking for valuable assets. Deployment of real server-based decoys makes detection between real network assets and honeypots impossible. Security is enhanced with the use of dual-virtualization - honeypots are inescapable once accessed.

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Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage

With RevBits Deception Technology, real honeypot database servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, etc.), file servers (FTP, SMB, etc.), network devices (routers, firewalls, etc.) and common network protocols (SSH, RDP, VNC, etc.) can all be launched with a single click. A central dashboard allows network administrators to manage, configure and monitor all honeypots throughout their enterprise.

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Unique Design

The dual-layer virtualization architecture of RevBits Deception Technology provides superior encapsulation of attackers in honeypots. In addition to the security benefits, RevBits Deception Technology allows for ease of deployment, efficient management and low resource consumption.

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Attractive Bait

RevBits Deception Technology leverages two methods of implanting attractive bait. System administrators have the option to manually implant breadcrumbs in application config files or automatically deploy credentials (honeydrops) across workstations in the network. Both breadcrumbs and honeydrops will lead attackers to honeypots and reveal their source.

Key Benefits

RevBits Deception Security Solutions

Instant Notification

Multi-channel alert system

RevBits Deception Technology supports multiple notification methods including SMS, email and SIEM. Full attack details are delivered to system administrators as they occur.

RevBits Deception Technology and SIEM Solutions

Quick and Simple Deployment

Easy implementation

RevBits Deception Technology can set up complex digital traps and honeydrops in just minutes. From a simple firewall device honeypot to advanced database server honeypots, RevBits Deception Technology handles the full range of servers and services with a single click deployment.

RevBits Deception Technology Solutions in Cyber Security

Powerful Decoy

Deceive attackers with real honeypots

RevBits Deception Technology does not use simulated or emulated honeypots, but real and actual servers, trapping even the most sophisticated criminal and state sponsored hackers.

RevBits Deception Technology for Early and Accurate Threat Detection

Real-Time Detection

Continuous monitoring

RevBits Deception Technology immediately logs and stores all information pertinent to a breach so users can respond to an attack and ensure that all infrastructure is protected. RevBits Deception Technology can immediately share an attacker’s location, the source of the breach, the breadcrumb that was used and the commands that were executed.

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Deception Technology

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Easy to Test. Easy to Install.
Total Protection.

RevBits solution suite delivers robust protection through advanced technology and analysis methodologies and provides multiple deployment options ranging from On-premises, SaaS, or Hybrid-cloud.

RevBits will review all requests for approval. Once accepted, RevBits will send credentials for account creation.

Product Features

RevBits Deception Technology Simple and Rapid Deployment

Simple & Rapid Deployment

Install RevBits Deception Technology on any server within any network. No complicated architecture or virtual machine is required per honeypot.

RevBits Honeypots in Network Security

Fortified Jail

Dual-layered virtualization of honeypots ensures that malicious actors cannot escape.

RevBits SIEM & Threat Defense Solutions

Deploy Popular Servers and Applications

RevBits Deception Technology utilizes the most common database servers, file sharing services and more.

RevBits Honeypot IT Consulting

Robust Monitoring

RevBits Deception Technology provides insight into current attacks to detect, track and respond to sophisticated threats in real time.

Deception Technology and SIEM Threat Defense Solutions

Advanced Integration and Reporting

RevBits Deception Technology integrates with SIEM products to deliver real-time alerts. In addition, SMS and email alerts are sent to system administrators on incident occurrences.

Honeypot Security Solutions

Low Resource Consumption

Numerous honeypots can be launched within each virtual machine, minimizing system resources and maximizing operational efficiency.

Automatic Decoy Data

Automatic Decoy Data

Administrators can easily create and deploy decoy data to honeypots through the administration panel. The decoy data will add to the appearance of real assets in the environment.

RevBits Multitenancy Capable

Multitenancy Capable

RevBits Deception Technology offers multitenancy capability for MSSP and MSP partners. Security service providers can offer their clients the most effective deception technology solution on the market and manage multiple client deployments through one administrative panel.

Sophisticated, Early Breach Detection System

Thwart external attackers and insider threats by leveraging RevBits Detection Technology. Advanced notice on malicious activity allows system administrators to take immediate action before damaging consequences occur.

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