Why you Need a Multi-layer Approach to Email Security

Walk through RevBits Endpoint Security
  1. Introduction
  2. Demo - Initial setup of sample phishing site
  3. Phishing site is live, setting up email accounts
  4. Sending email to ATP protected account
  5. Sending email to Google enterprise email
  6. Comparing results with RevBits ES (Outlook impersonation)
  7. Impersonating Bank of America website
  8. Sending BoA impersonation URL to ATP and Google emails
  9. RevBits ES vs Bank of America Impersonation
  10. Known malicious URL Test
  11. Known malicious URL inside PDF sent to ATP
  12. Known malicious URL inside PDF sent to Google Enterprise email
  13. Adding PDF inside DOCX
  14. Sending DOCX with PDF inside to Google Enterprise email
  15. RevBits Email Security vs DOCX with embedded PDF with malicious URL
  16. Six layer compression test with RevBits Email Security
  17. Password protected attachments vs RevBits Email Security
  18. Conclusion

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