RevBits Adds SaaS for Dynamic Scaling, Flexible Operations and Streamlined Deployments

RevBits Adds SaaS for Dynamic Scaling, Flexible Operations and Streamlined Deployments

Greater accessibility to run any web browser on any device, while easing operational management, software updates and license management.

Mineola, NY, May 2022 - RevBits, a unifying cybersecurity company for enterprise endpoints, cloud and on-premises ecosystems, today announced the launch of a SaaS-delivered model of its Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP). Customers now have the choice of the RevBits solution on-premise, in the cloud, or through its SaaS delivery model, that also can be managed by RevBits.

RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform consists of a suite of best-in-class products that can be deployed individually or as an integrated and unified XDR platform:

  • RevBits Endpoint Security and EDR
  • RevBits Email Security
  • RevBits Privileged Access Management
  • RevBits Zero Trust Network
  • RevBits Deception Technology

"As a developer of cybersecurity software, our focus is providing customers with sophisticated and robust solutions to improve their security posture," said David Schiffer, RevBits CEO. "The availability of our new SaaS model allows for faster deployments with fewer resources, and is therefore the ideal way to bring the high standard of protection we offer to large enterprises within the reach of SMBs.”

"RevBits’ architecture is all about choice and flexibility” said Mucteba Celik, RevBits CTO.” With the launch of our SaaS version we are now in a position to offer the best protection and the optimal deployment model for any customer, regardless of their size or security requirements. Whether it is a government institution that is required to run everything on premise, a multinational moving to the cloud, or a small company with little or no IT staff that requires a managed cybersecurity solution, we have them all covered. "

About RevBits
Established in 2018, RevBits is a comprehensive cybersecurity company that is dedicated to providing its customers with superior protection and service. By offering multiple advanced security tools, that can be administered through a unified security platform, RevBits delivers protection against the most sophisticated cyber threats companies face. RevBits is headquartered in Mineola, NY with offices in Princeton, NJ, Boston, MA, London (England), and Antwerp (Belgium). For more information on RevBits please visit

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