“Enough is Enough!”, says RevBits CEO

Under its Enough is Enough campaign, RevBits to provide its award-winning, patent fortified Email Security solution to organizations involved in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, at no cost.

Revbits Email Security Enough is Enough! Campaign

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MINEOLA, N.Y., December 8th, 2020 - RevBits today announced it is taking an aggressive position to prevent COVID-19 related cyber-attacks worldwide.

“Unprecedented times require unprecedented action. What we have seen during the pandemic is that the number of cyberattacks has exponentially increased, mainly targeting vulnerable staff and networks at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and organizations involved in COVID-19 vaccine research, production and distribution. The impact can be truly devastating, with an additional loss of lives on top of the already heavy toll of COVID-19. This is not acceptable and must be prevented.” said David Schiffer, CEO.

“The vast majority of cyberattacks start with a user opening a malicious email, generally with a link to a fake login page or with an attachment containing such a link or malicious code itself. The RevBits Email Security solution identifies phishing campaigns and prevents accessing these fake websites or downloading ransomware or other malicious code. Therefore, we have decided to offer our solution free of charge during the pandemic for all companies active in the fight against COVID-19”, Schiffer continued.

The terms of usage, during the license period, are quite simple:

No Licensing Fees, No Commitment and No Strings Attached!

“While today most companies have already deployed a secure email gateway, studies have shown that they miss about twenty percent (20%) of threats and therefore costly and devasting cyber-incidents continue”, said Mucteba Celik, CTO. “RevBits Email Security can be deployed as an additional plugin for Microsoft Outlook that is quickly added, and provides an extra layer of protection that blocks those threats missed by the gateway. There is no need for additional resources or any changes to an existing environment. RevBits Email Security provides maximum protection, with minimal effort.”

Award-winning RevBits Email Security is the most sophisticated email security solution on the market today. Its patented architecture, running at the workstation level, affords sufficient time for over fifty algorithms to analyze each email, a luxury not available in gateway products. Also, a panel displays a probability score of malware and the suspicious email components, enhancing security awareness training.

A second patent, Page Impersonation Identification, uniquely detects and blocks phishing attempts to steal credentials via fake login pages, one of the most common methods used by criminal hackers to access systems.

For more information on the RevBits Email Security no-cost offer, please visit the Enough is Enough! campaign page for further details on the campaign and complete information on our email security solution.

About RevBits

Established in 2018, RevBits is a cybersecurity company that is dedicated to providing its customers with superior protection and service. By offering four advanced security tools, composed of ten different modules, RevBits delivers protection against the most sophisticated cyber threats companies face.

Technological developments continue at RevBits with the coming offering of an integrated platform to manage and control all four solutions in one single sign-on dashboard - RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform. RevBits is headquartered in Mineola, NY with offices in Princeton, NJ, Boston, MA and Antwerp (Belgium).

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