David Schiffer: Delivering Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions to Anchor Industry Demands

David Schiffer: Delivering Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions to Anchor Industry Demands

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David Schiffer: Delivering Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions to Anchor Industry Demands

RevBits is a provider of next-generation cybersecurity solutions that closes the gaps left open by mainstream cybersecurity software providers. Its Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) was built upon a unique architecture and integrated approach fortified by several cybersecurity patents. This allows David Schiffer, CEO of RevBits, to confidently state that CIP achieves a previously unattainable level of cybersecurity protection for its customers. RevBits also offers related, cybersecurity professional services of PenTesting, Forensic Investigation, Malware Analysis, and Source Code Review.

An Influential Leader

David’s career spans several decades of mathematics and computer science endeavors. He started a long career in both technology and international business after briefly teaching high school math in NYC and earning two Master’s Degrees (Math and Computer Science). From the very early days of Assembly Language programming, initially on an Intel 8008 processor, to several positions including Systems Programming Manager, International Channel Manager for four different software companies to VP of Sales, David is finally the Co-Founder of two technology companies.

Prior to co-founding RevBits, David was the Founder and CEO of Safe Banking Systems, which was sold to Accuity / RELX after almost twenty-year in business.

His main responsibilities at RevBits are setting the goals and defining the vision for the company’s future. At present, David is also the sole investor and handles the financial and legal aspects too.

Continuous Learning from Real-Life Experiences and Peers

Over forty years ago, while David was a junior programmer, the VP of Engineering walked into his office and among other things said one simple statement that shaped his thinking about developing a corporate culture: “A company runs as the personality of the president.”

David knew that as a CEO, he would have to create a safe and comfortable environment where he would be happy to be an employee. Even the staff would enjoy coming to work, finding the daily and long-term tasks challenging, and providing an opportunity for professional and intellectual growth – all this while offering competitive employment packages.

David also understood two main factors of success – to maximize ‘Employee Satisfaction,’ which would lead to ‘Customer Satisfaction.’

According to David, building close working relationships with clients is critical when selling enterprise-level solutions, especially to the international market. Understanding their issues and problems and solving the most difficult ones are the most rewarding.

Diversification: Road to success

David feels whether it is a startup or an established company, finding and hiring staff that fits best as per the requirements of the job and the corporate culture, has always been challenging. Moreover, as a startup’s CEO, focusing on the company’s core competency is critical. Although in a dynamic, warp-speed technology market, it is important to stay flexible, one has to balance when to “stay the course or change gears” and understand the costs and implications of both.

Factors Forming Leaders of Tomorrow

At the top of David’s list of vital attributes are integrity and credibility. Those are key to creating a lasting reputation for oneself and for the company. Others are trust and empowerment of one’s employees, a willingness to take risks, and curiosity to identify and solve the most difficult problems facing the target market.

Equating Customer Needs with Revolution

David believes that innovation is at the core of everything done at RevBits. Cyberthreats are continuously evolving, so the company continually benchmarks its products against the latest and most sophisticated threats. If changes are required, these are implemented within hours or days instead of weeks or months as usually applicable in their industry. RevBits is able to achieve this rapid response because of its ultra-lean architecture and development methodology.

Creating the Right Cybersecurity Solutions

David explains that artificial intelligence, IoT, automation, and the increased uptake of cloud-based computing across most industries have led to operational efficiencies, cost savings, and greater exposure to cyberthreats. Over the last few years, RevBits have seen an extreme shift of mainstream cybersecurity providers to develop only cloud-based solutions that leave significant gaps and weaknesses in the protection of their customers. The unique architecture of RevBits leverages and protects both resources within the customer’s perimeter as well as their cloud-based assets in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Leading the Change in Next-Generation Cybersecurity Industry

According to David, the sophistication of cyberattacks will continue to rise as a sheer number and as the consequences of successful attacks become dramatic, agility and constant innovation will be the key for the cybersecurity industry. RevBits will continue to be at the forefront of innovation to provide the best available protection for its customers.

Radiating Key Advice to Young Talents

On advising to emerging leaders, David says:

  • Be honest, frank, and true to yourself.

  • Listen to suggestions but make decisions based upon rational choices of what is in the best interest of the company.

If the target market is large institutions or organizations, adapt an ETDBW (Easy To-Do Business With philosophy), reducing friction during negotiations and working within prospects’ framework and business model.

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