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Cyber threats are constant. Protect against them with RevBits Cybersecurity Solutions.

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RevBits gives every enterprise the power to secure their systems. With RevBits Cybersecurity Solutions, every network can be protected on the user's terms with this comprehensive suite of advanced, customizable software designed to protect every business from any threat.

RevBits addresses the growing gaps in cybersecurity by pursuing an innovative approach to threats with cutting-edge technology that responds before, during and after cyber attacks. RevBits technology empowers teams to have more visibility into the threat protection process.


Comprehensive Products Built for Maximum Security and Business Value.

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RevBits Email Security

Leverage RevBits Email Security's dual-patent design to counter increasingly sophisticated phishing campaigns. To overcome the limitations of email gateways, RevBits Email Security utilizes a patented distributed processing model, moving email analysis to workstations. RevBits Email Security's patented image analysis algorithm also detects and blocks page impersonation attacks from collecting user credentials.

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RevBits Endpoint Security

This intuitive, high-performance endpoint security software detects and denies the most advanced threats. RevBits Endpoint Security isolates malware, conducts a three-phase analysis and blocks the threat before it is executed. In addition, Revbits Endpoint Security enables security analysts to investigate and respond to threats at endpoints in real time. Improve cybersecurity efficiencies with RevBits Endpoint Security's single click "Forensic Evidence Extraction" feature.

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RevBits Deception Technology

Detect breaches and insider threats before they happen by deploying lightweight and low resource-consuming honeypots. With a single click, launch real honeypot servers - not simulated or emulated ones - to contain and trap potential attackers with dual-layer virtualization. RevBits Deception Technology provides insight into an attacker's mindset, motivation and methodology.

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RevBits Privileged Access Management

Manage privileged accounts, passwords, certificates and keys efficiently in one unique, comprehensive solution. RevBits Privileged Access Management native clients are available on most common platforms and operating systems. Maximum efficiency is achieved through a one-of-a-kind integrated workflow using "request and grant" user access. Extensive logging provides auditors with keystroke and video recordings of all privileged sessions.

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