What is SOAR?

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) combines the management of threats and vulnerabilities, responds to security incidents, and automates security operations. SOAR management identifies threats and implements a response strategy.

SOAR is an approach that organizations use to streamline threat and vulnerability management, incident response, and the automation of security operations. SOAR is being consumed by XDR and SIEM solutions and is one of those products that is likely on its way to being consolidated within one of these markets.

Natively integrated multi-function security and SOAR - unified within a single platform

A successfully integrated cybersecurity platform requires more than integrating security data, logs, alerts, user data and profiles. Every product has its own unique technology, format, structure, dataset, tables, logs, reporting and APIs.

A holistic cybersecurity platform requires natively integrated products with unified asset management, user management, roles, rules, and permissions. When logging into each of the security products, the user and asset management, rules, and permissions are seamlessly integrated. After the initial login, and based upon permissions, the user can click on the different security product links to access and work with them. Additionally, because the products are natively embedded, much of the product code can be shared.

RevBits Cybersecurity Intelligence Platform (CIP) delivers unified, native multi-layered security and orchestration. We are solving problems created by too many cybersecurity vendor products that cause security gaps, leaving enterprises vulnerable to malware, man-in-the-middle, phishing and spear phishing, SQL injection, stolen credentials, cross-site scripting, and other attacks. RevBits CIP automates the detection and remediation of anomalous activity within a cross-functional multi-layered security stack. Coalescing multiple security products and their security data into a single intuitive GUI dashboard, RevBits enables rapid cyber forensics with analytics and context, to quickly resolve threats.

RevBits CIP dashboard monitors security data and metrics across all RevBits security products. Data from every product is coalesced to provide a comprehensive view of threats with automated detection and incident response. Threat intelligence and AI improve security personnel decision-making and automatically responds to threats. The automated responses and deep diagnostics reduce the time to resolve security events.


Orchestration is the core of RevBits CIP. Every RevBits security product, including their associated functional modules, flow into a single unified dashboard. RevBits CIP orchestration alerts, reports and acts upon all RevBits products and modules, which are natively integrated within the platform.

Orchestration collects data from the RevBits’ natively integrated security products, complete with cybersecurity context to provide a complete perspective of security threats across all attack surfaces. Security event data is consolidated into one location and is easily visible to ease vulnerability management.


Event automation reduces the administrative burden for network administrators and security analysts. Automated workflows, alerts, and responses enable admins to respond in real-time to security events and will immediately shut down a system or user account if anomalous activity is detected. Root-cause diagnostics and intelligence help the admin quickly find issues and provide the best actions to take to mitigate cybersecurity incidents.

With a single click, RevBits CIP delivers automation through direct action into the incident for mitigation and investigation. This is quite different from independent SOAR products that automate responses to the admin, that then go into third-party security products or tools to investigate the alerts.


SOAR ingests alerts from onboarded third-party security products and tools and manages their alerts and reporting of incidents. The various workflows assign the incidents to the admin for triage and management. Rather than having to go into the third-party security product or tool individual dashboards, RevBits CIP is inherently integrated with the RevBits security products and modules. For example, RevBits EPS is accessible with a single click within the RevBits CIP dashboard. The admin is at the alert, and within the actual product for immediate response.

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