What is SIEM?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network devices. SIEM tools enable security teams collect and analyze security data, create policies and design notifications.

SIEM event log management consolidates data from several sources, enables real-time enterprise-wide visibility, correlates security events collected from logs using if-then rules to add actionable intelligence, and automatically notifies IT and security teams on event notifications managed via dashboards.

SIEM uses the following:

Data collection, consolidation and correlation – Data across the digital ecosystem is centrally collected from servers, firewalls, antivirus software, operating systems, and intrusion prevention systems, etc. The data is fed into the SIEM where it is consolidated and correlated using security event log files. Rules are set up to organize the issues to help IT decide which problems are the most legitimate.

Notifications – Once a single event or a collection of events triggers a SIEM rule, the system issues a notification so security personnel can act.

Policies – SIEM administrators create profiles that define how enterprise systems behave and analyzes the environment to form a baseline of normal activity. The SIEM can then set up rules, reports, alerts, and dashboards according to the enterprise’s security concerns.


Both SIEM and SOAR detect security issues and collect data associated with a problem, and both take care of notifications that security teams use to address concerns.

SIEM and SOAR differences:

SIEM sends alerts to the IT team when suspicious activity is detected. SOAR collects the data and alerts security teams use with a centralized platform like SIEM, and then automates the responses. Using artificial intelligence to learn behavior patterns, SOAR can predict similar threats before they occur. SIEM alerts can be organized and categorized, but the investigation is manual. SOAR’s automated investigation reduces the amount of time it takes to address alerts.

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