Native Client Applications

A native client is an application developed for the specific computer, like a Windows app that only runs in Windows, or an app that only runs in a Mac. Native clients are fast because they have fewer layers of conversion between program executable code and the operating system. Additionally, native clients have access to the operating system and hardware features.

IT admins use native clients to manage privileged access to IT resources and data. Using their tools of choice to manage and control server and database access, without forcing them to use a specific tool, allows them to be more productive, while not adding friction to their daily work.

Native client capabilities enable enhanced resource security with simplified onboarding and access to resources. This saves admins from having to login, locate the account and server, and download an RDP file to gain asset access.

For managing privileged access, RevBits PAM native client support includes Windows, Lynx, Mac, Android, IOS, and browser extensions. This in turn supports communication protocols for all major databases and operating systems, such as RDP, Oracle, Cassandra DB, MySQL, SSH, Telnet, MS Sequel, and others. For native clients, RevBits supports communication protocols, including RDP, Oracle DB, Cassandra DB, MySQL, SSH, Telnet, MSSQL, and others.

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