Honeypots are designed to trick cybercriminals into thinking they have accessed corporate IT assets and obtained escalated privileges. To lure attackers to honeypots, fake credentials or breadcrumbs are planted across the network. When an attacker attempts to access the honeypots, they are discovered and contained.

RevBits Deception Technology (DT) generates honeypots that mimic legitimate digital assets across the enterprise. RevBits DT provides a vast array of honeypots including the leading databases, file servers, networking devices and more. RevBits DT is extremely easy to deploy as it is delivered as a virtual image that can be deployed locally or in the cloud.

  • Detects and blocks page impersonation attacks, which can result in credential harvesting and business email compromise.
  • Detects sophisticated and previously undetected credential harvesting via fake login pages - page impersonation.

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