Data Security

Data security is represented by the people, processes, technologies for protecting digital data. The goal of data security is to avoid data risk from the actions of unauthorized and malicious users conducting cyberattacks and attempting data breaches.

Data security includes data encryption, hashing, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data across networks, within storage and backup systems, within applications and within service platforms.

Data security protects user and corporate data against unauthorized access and use that could expose, delete, hijack for ransom, steal for nefarious purposes, or corrupt it. Data protection mechanisms include data backup to restore data from a breach that caused loss or corruption.

Data threats can come from an intruder network through a firewall port, a process of accessing data and violating security policy, a natural disaster that destroys a facility, a nefarious employee intent on inflicting damage, or an employee mistake that unintentionally exposes confidential information or deletes of destroys a file.

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