Advanced Malware Analysis

Malware analysis is the process of understanding the behavior and purpose of suspicious files and links. Analysis output assists in detecting and mitigating potential threats.

Key malware analysis benefits for incident responders and security analysts:

  • Logically triage and prioritize incidents by level of severity
  • Discover and block Indicators of Compromise (IOC) threats
  • Optimize IOC alerts and notifications
  • Gain enhanced context when threat hunting

Malware analysis can be conducted statically and/or dynamically

Static malware analysis does not require code to run. Rather, it examines files for signs of malicious intent, and can be used to identify malicious infrastructure, libraries or packed files. Technical indicators can include file names, hashes, and strings (e.g., IPs, domains, file header data) that can help determine if a file is malicious.

Dynamic malware analysis executes suspected malicious code in a safe sandboxed environment. This allows security professionals to observe the malware without risk of infection to their system or the enterprise network. Threat hunters and incident responders obtain deep visibility for uncovering hidden and obscure threats. Automated sandboxing eliminates the time required to reverse engineer a file.

Static malware analysis alone isn’t reliable enough to detect sophisticated malicious code, and sophisticated malware can be hidden from sandbox technology. Therefore, a combination of static and dynamic analysis provides the best of both approaches, as it can detect hidden malicious code, and extract many IOCs to detect unknown sophisticated malware threats.

RevBits EPS advanced malware analysis

Security teams can use RevBits EPS advanced malware analysis to:

  • Sandbox suspicious code to identify and analyze sophisticated malware attacks to fortify their defenses.
  • Perform deep analysis on unknown and evasive threats to enhance the results with threat intelligence.

Key benefits

  • Gain deep insight into all file, network and memory activity
  • Includes robust anti-sandbox detection capabilities
  • Produces easy to understand reports with on-demand forensic data
  • Supports the MITRE ATT&CK® framework
  • Orchestrates workflows with extensive APIs and pre-built integrations

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