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Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines improve software delivery using DevOps or site reliability engineering approaches. CI/CD enables software developers and DevOps teams to meet today’s high demands and dynamic requirements. However, as with most things built faster and with frequent changes, they come with potential security risks. By applying privileged access management (PAM), organizations can automate and reliably control and protect access to keys for improved security.

CI/CD enables software development to leverage automation to build, integrate, test, and address errors incrementally. With increasing cyberthreats, security has become as important as the apps themselves. Within the CI/CD pipeline, intellectual property and product research and development information must be kept private and protected from unauthorized users. Corporate secrets can be credentials or security keys, which authenticate data associated with an API, application, SSH, certificate, etc.

RevBits CI/CD Access Management helps DevOps reduce security and compliance risks associated with privileged access sprawl, while enabling them to remain fast and agile. RevBits brings secrets protection into the DevOps environment with a frictionless process to securely include secrets into their applications. Using a zero trust model, the automation process does not store keys internally, but checks them out only when they are needed to perform escalated tasks.

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