Why Every Business Needs Better Email Security

Why Every Business Needs Better Email Security

How big is Email? So far, in 2021, over 319 billion emails have been sent and received worldwide.

Future estimates suggest that by 2025 daily Email traffic will reach 376 billion by 2025. The numbers are significant and will grow over the coming years. Email is an essential and popular form of communication in both our personal lives and our business lives.

Despite the growing number of quick messaging platforms, Email has remained the most effective form of electronic communication for businesses worldwide. While other platforms provide fast communication methods, they fail to replace Email’s ability to organize, manage, and house essential business communications.

Why is Email the king of business communication? Email offers exceptional benefits such as privacy, authenticity, easy folder creation for storing important Emails with quick retrieval.

Regardless of its multi-dimensional and irreplaceable features, Email has downsides, and one of those downsides is its security vulnerability through phishing attacks. Robust Email security must be deployed in organizations to minimize the risk of exploitation that can impact the entire enterprise.

The Importance of Business Email Security

Many companies do not recognize how vulnerable they are if their Email environment is not adequately secured. Email remains the primary vector for cyber breaches and incidents, and therefore, Email security should be considered the essential cybersecurity architecture a company deploys. Even one malicious Email making it to an employee’s inbox can devastate an organization.

Unsecured business email accounts are like an open invitation for malicious actors. If an employee acts on even one malicious Email, the action can lead to account hacking, compromised data, reputational damage, and full network impact.

Let’s see why companies should consider a layered approach to Email security to cover the full Email delivery stream from arrival to the network through delivery to the inbox.

Protection Against Phishing Attacks

Email phishing is the oldest method of cyberattack where cybercriminals send deceptive emails that appear authentic and designed to lure the victim into taking some action such as clicking on a link, opening an attachment, or providing login credentials. One of the more malicious actions is the attempt to lure employees into providing valuable credentials. The value of stolen credentials to a malicious actor is that cybercriminals can use them to plan and execute a major attack on the company.

Aside from phishing Emails targeting the theft of credentials, they may also contain malware hidden in an attachment that, once clicked and opened, can introduce various types of malware.

The common theme is that malicious emails will make their way to the employee inbox; therefore, organizations need to have a layered approach to Email Security. Organizations need to understand that Email inboxes need to have an email security solution applied directly to them to protect against malicious emails that bypass other in-line Email security tools.

RevBits Email Security protects the employee inbox against sophisticated phishing emails that bypass other Email security screening solutions. RevBits Email Security completes the Email security architecture and closes the open gap in Email Security.

Securing the Email Backups

As you know, the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is the medium that enables the sending, receiving, or relaying of Emails between the sender and the recipient. When an email is sent, it automatically stores in the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers in plain text format and remains vulnerable.

This backup remains unprotected and is available to be accessed by anyone without needing to decrypt the emails. Therefore, it is highly recommended that Email backup systems are protected from unauthorized users by encrypting data and controlling access with identity access management systems such as privileged access management.

Minimizing Incidents Caused by Employee Mistakes

Some cyberattacks are the result of employee error, mistakes, or poor credential management. Regardless of how an employee-initiated incident occurs, the mistake can have consequences of such magnitude that organizations can be vulnerable to ransom, business operational impact, and loss of market confidence.

What can lead to a devastating incident can begin harmlessly through the act of sharing sensitive information through Email or cloud-based solutions to a third-party contractor. If the Email system is vulnerable, then all of the data in the Emails are vulnerable to exploitation.

Organizations should take appropriate measures to ensure that employees understand basic security protocols and adhere to all security measures, such as not Emailing or sharing privileged credentials.

Enhanced Security Posture

A sophisticated email security architecture provides next-generation multi-layered solutions that enhance the organizational security infrastructure. Any malicious email that gets past the enterprise barrier will be detected and blocked by an advanced security solution designed to detect and block sophisticated phishing Emails.

By leveraging top-notch security techniques like password-protected attachment scan, detection of page impersonation attacks, domain background checks, etc., the email security solution becomes the ultimate blockade for advanced and targeted phishing attacks.

Protection of Confidential Data

Every business has confidential data that includes financial data, employee information, credentials, bank account details, and other sensitive data. The hackers are eager to steal this information to further their malicious ulterior motives.

Without adequate Email security, the hacker can maneuver past the standard security barriers. However, having a robust Email security solution configured into the enterprise security infrastructure, the probability of a successful attack is dramatically reduced.

In this technological age, where information is the ultimate asset, ensuring data integrity is critical, and an advanced Email security solution is the foundational solution for network security.

Bottom Line

As if the cyber threat landscape was not vast enough, COVID-19 has raised the stakes. The cyber threat landscape has reached a frighteningly high level. Given that most companies have enabled remote working, it is now even more critical to leverage a sophisticated business email-security solution.

RevBits is a cybersecurity software solution provider offering advanced security tools to help protect organizations of all sizes. To learn how you can improve your Email security structure and other aspects of your cybersecurity architecture.

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