Vendor Consolidation Reduces Fragmentation and Complexity, While Optimizing Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Vendor Consolidation Reduces Fragmentation and Complexity, While Optimizing Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Key Points to Vendor Consolidation for Reducing Fragmentation and Complexity

  • Replaces single-function products with a multi-function platform that solve many security challenges.
  • A single dashboard manages, interacts, analyzes, reports, and mitigates events.
  • Achieves cost savings, improves mitigation, and removes security gaps from multiple vendor products.
  • Reduce risk when cybersecurity are natively consolidated and managed by the same native orchestration, automation, and response.
  • Provides broader visibility and insights across multiple attack vectors.
RevBits unified solution delivers better security outcomes, while improving security operations.

Vendor consolidation moves away from single-function products that address very explicit problems, to multi-function platforms that solve a wide variety of security challenges.

When purchasing products for our own use, most of us research available products and ask for recommendations from colleagues or others that have acquired and deployed the product. Security leaders essentially do the same, by researching cybersecurity products and reading industry analyst perspectives and evaluations. They often bring in and test two or more competing products, or conduct a pilot project, or proof of concept. This allows them to evaluate which product best addresses their particular requirements.

There are many benefits gained from consolidating security infrastructure by replacing two or more single-function vendors with a single vendor that solves multiple problems within a single platform. Consolidation can improve security across multiple disparate products, like VPN, email security, endpoint security, and privileged access management. It can also achieve cost savings, improve mitigation efficiencies and remove risk associated with multiple vendor products that simply don’t work well together.

Considerations for using one solution to solve multiple cybersecurity requirements

For the most part, deciding between a single vendor with multiple product capabilities, versus separate vendors boils down to integration. Obtaining a quality user experience with a single dashboard for managing, interacting, analyzing, reporting and mitigating events may be the deciding factor. Additionally, there may be a need for more seamless sharing of security data, threat intelligence, and alert coalescence. The bottom line, however, is the technology fundamentally needs to be the right fit for the organization.

Fewer vendors mean less maintenance fees and a reduction in soft costs, like operational time, training, and the time it takes to adapt security products to meet business objectives. A consolidated security approach can help organizations more efficiently manage budgets.

Vendor consolidation and its effectiveness on security posture

Overall risk is reduced when cybersecurity products are natively consolidated, and managed by the same native orchestration, automation and response. The collective products seamlessly work together to eliminate security gaps from single-function products, while providing 360-degree visibility of the organization’s entire landscape of attack surfaces and attack vectors. This not only improves visibility, but it also enables faster and more accurate decision-making.

Consolidated security provides broader insights on multiple attack vectors

Often, security events are multi-vector and multi-platform. A security platform shares intelligence to cross-communicate information about, say credential theft that is tied to another threat vector. This allows admins to correlate the two and see both events together within a single dashboard view, to prevent and mitigate attacks across multiple surfaces.

RevBits EPS/EDR unique architecture automatically extends detection across multi-stage attacks. It includes custom handlers, or proprietary application loading detection that find multi-stage malicious activities attempting to impersonate Windows applications, signing processes and trusted processes. RevBits EPS/EDR detection engine is highly accurate, effectively preventing false positives. It also enables protections through application whitelisting, sandboxing, spawning, and parent/child process analysis.

Optimizing the cybersecurity stack

Integration is the key to optimizing automation, resulting in fewer products to manage, maintain, and learn. Vendor consolidation, and therefore, technology consolidation is all about boosting the performance of an organization’s overall security stack. Buying product after product creates a vulnerable and fragmented cybersecurity posture. As we read about the increasing numbers of attacks, and even worse, the increasing number of breaches, it has become clear that this approach isn’t working. Consolidation can deliver better security outcomes, while improving IT and security operations.

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