RevBits Zero Trust Networking Tames “The Perfect Storm”

RevBits Zero Trust Networking Tames The Perfect Storm

As we approach the winter months, we’re reminded of just how vulnerable we are when weather pressure systems converge upon us. It is not uncommon for powerful systems to collide and create devastating hurricanes that affect millions along our country’s coastlines. Unfortunately, these conditions can escalate into what meteorologists have coined ‘the perfect storm’.

A perfect storm is the extraordinary combination of circumstances that develop into a convergence resulting in an event of unusual magnitude. Given the enormous transformations and transitions necessitated by the pandemic, information technology today is facing a major convergence with the onset of work from home and multi-cloud technologies. Organizations are rapidly migrating their apps and IT infrastructure to the cloud, with the majority of their workforce remotely accessing mission-critical apps and systems. Network architectures are being designed for greater agility, scalability and easier management to handle more diverse network traffic and vast amounts of data.

The perfect storm in the making is the heightened security risk due to the confluence of expanding network perimeters with cloud, remote and mobile employees and network infrastructure rapidly converging into virtualized IT architectures. In the middle of this super storm is cybersecurity, and its capabilities creating a huge change in how we detect, deny and defeat cyber threats. A default no-trust security posture has become a necessity to navigate the super storm, protecting vital corporate assets and resources.

RevBits Zero Trust Networking (ZTN) will storm proof your enterprise

The perfect solution to protect and secure applications, servers, data storage and network security is to adopt a zero trust network architecture, or ZTNA. Allowing for granular access control to specific corporate assets, without exposing the entire network, ZTNA significantly limits the potential for malicious actions.

RevBits ZTN addresses security gaps created by VPN’s, to flexibly scale expanding perimeters, ensuring access authenticity and controlled authorization from anywhere, at any time, and with any device. RevBits ZTN is based upon our award-winning privileged access management (PAM) technology, with the understanding that the key to securing assets is ensuring that access is tightly controlled and monitored. RevBits ZTN architecture expands PAM capabilities to control access for all users, regardless of the resource they need, or their geographic location.

RevBits ZTN is free of client-side installs. User onboarding is efficient and seamless, and asset access quick, requiring only a few clicks. In addition, RevBits ZTN maintains a thin-client approach, with access from any web browser or smart device.

As business needs grow, RevBits ZTN scales effortlessly, through its dynamic autoscaling architecture. With prepositioned RevBits ZTN Proxy Servers across twenty-four worldwide geographic cloud regions, RevBits ZTN is always available, and ready to handle all requests. If additional security is needed to manage privileged access, kill sessions, or record activity, pairing ZTN with RevBits PAM, provides the ultimate access management and control.

If the difficulties associated with managing remote network access makes you feel storm-tossed, think about having seamless access control over all of your IT resources. You might find yourself in the eye of the storm, where all is calm.

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