RevBits XDR Platform Brings Clarity and Responsiveness to Threat Detection

RevBits XDR Platform Brings Clarity and Responsiveness to Threat Detection

From antiquity to the present, every civilization has felt the need to develop a warning system to alert the citizenry of impending peril. Whether the source of the imminent danger was due to natural disaster or enemy combatants, ‘sounding the alarm’ in some fashion was crucial.

Lacking our modern communication technologies, early methods usually employed some form of big fires, big smoke or really big bells. While a bonfire atop a hill could signal a warning, it could not define its nature or location. Neither could smoke signals or the clanging of the local church bell. Fire stations eventually developed their own unique bell systems, but these could not provide location or extent of the fire data. Too much time, too little information, and a delayed response often led to significant loss.

Siloed security solutions provide a fragmented warning system

Today’s enterprises are faced with daily peril in the form of sophisticated cyberattacks that seek to breach any barriers or alert systems. Though technology has moved us well beyond bonfires, bells and smoke, nonetheless an enterprise with multiple single-function security products can easily be overwhelmed by the bombardment of alerts from multiple attack surfaces.

Trying to manage and quickly respond to warnings from numerous sources can lead to vulnerability gaps and breaches. To attain a rapid response to security alerts before the threat broadens, security teams must be able to receive data from all sources in a prioritized, cohesive, timely and integrated manner. Intelligence sharing across all solutions becomes critical when trying to mitigate numerous and simultaneous threats.

RevBits integrates multiple security solutions into one dynamic platform

RevBits CIP (Cyber Intelligence Platform) is a comprehensive XDR platform with embedded Endpoint Security, Email Security, Privileged Access Management, Deception Technology, and Zero Trust Networking. It fills cybersecurity gaps by integrating deployed solutions into a single common reporting environment that automatically collects and correlates data across the multiple vectors for rapid threat detection and response. Collected threat intelligence becomes immediately actionable, and security teams are enabled with unified visibility and control across the entire threat landscape.

RevBits CIP builds attack timelines and prioritizes threat events, allowing teams to quickly capture the root cause of an event, as well as detect other affected devices. The platform’s intelligent and unsurpassed detection capabilities monitor all internal and external resources, to ensure security functions are accurately reported. Security admins are empowered with a unified dashboard for easy configuration, with widgets that can be implemented into multiple security functions. Each security product is accessible with one quick click.

RevBits CIP benefits

  • Integrated and automated platform with single sign-on access
  • Reduced detection times for faster responses, with practically no false positives
  • Faster data access with greater operational productivity
  • Customizable dashboard configurations
  • Full security visibility with immediate threat alert displays across all cybersecurity functions
  • Easily and quickly visualized root cause analysis
  • Improved compliance with tracking and reporting on critical security measurements

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