Video Recording is the Next Step in Privileged Access Management

Video Recording is the Next Step in Privileged Access Management

Cybersecurity companies constantly work to outmatch the latest security threats by implementing new features to various cyber technologies. Companies update their privileged access management solutions, for example, to better catch and contain malicious actors. Some privileged access management tools, however, are difficult to use and, as a result, are ignored by employees. To provide enterprises with the most useful and up-to-date technologies, security companies must ensure that privileged access management solutions are easy to deploy, simple to use and efficient to maintain. Video recording is also a must to ensure a privileged access management solution is complete. Here are a couple of reasons video recording is a necessary next step for privileged access management software.


Enterprises face a mountain of compliance needs (HIPAA, FFIEC, SOX, etc.). To help meet these requirements, organizations need a centralized system that collects and reports on privileged access activity. Without a unified dashboard and integrated approach to privileged access management, passing the next security audit (internal or external) could be extremely complex and time-consuming.

However, simply meeting the minimum requirements of compliance standards is not enough, as compliance should be an already integrated aspect of cybersecurity. To go above-and-beyond compliance needs, video recording is a necessary part of every organization’s privileged access management solution.

Observation and Audit

Systems employing privileged access management solutions require detailed observation, monitoring and auditing. Without proper observation, users can cause damage, whether on purpose or not, without being detected. Observation and auditing techniques should be active so they can detect and block anomalous activity. Active observation techniques allow enterprises to catch and contain system breaches as they happen and prevent major damage. In addition to real-time monitoring, extensive audit logs should be available. All privileged sessions should be video recorded, including SSH, RDP and VNC connections.


Even under the best of circumstances, the chances of a network eventually having an incident or breach are high. Once inside a network, malicious actors want one thing – access. By keeping extensive logs of which users accessed what systems and when, organizations can quickly identify an attack. In addition to standard keystroke recording, RevBits Privileged Access Management includes video recording to help solve and remediate security issues quickly.

To keep systems and data safe, enterprises need to restrict access. Although privileged access management is helpful in restricting access to unscrupulous individuals, it also adds an additional layer of complexity to enterprise systems. To find the line between security and simplicity, organizations must use an easy to deploy, simple to use and efficient to maintain privileged access management technology. RevBits Privileged Access Management is the first access management solution that provides the three most critical access control tools needed across organizations. Additionally, RevBits Privileged Access Management uniquely offers video recording of all sessions to help organizations go above and beyond compliance needs and remediate security issues in a timely manner.

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