Phishing Trips Come Up Empty with RevBits Email Security

Phishing Trips Come Up Empty with RevBits Email Security

Joe, a humble and overworked Seattle IT Specialist, has taken great pains to develop an interesting, and only slightly embellished personal profile on the Pleez Chooz Me dating app. After several fruitless weeks, his ad was answered by the lovely Eva, a 30-something pharmaceutical technician from Bangor, Maine. After several months of meaningful dialogues, Joe arranges for Eva to visit, forwarding her the $1,500 for a First-Class ticket. On the special day, Joe waits at SeaTac airport, flowers in hand for hours. The fictitious Eva never arrives and her profile vanishes from the dating app. Poor Joe has been catfished; hook, line and sinker.

The same principle is at the core of malicious email phishing attacks that can plague any individual or enterprise. The world of corporate catphishing is complex and sophisticated. Hackers will patiently create a whole persona, complete with backup accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to build credibility. They use patience and creativity to establish a personal or emotional connection in order to entice their victim into a trusting relationship. The motives behind such effort are to implant malware, chiefly ransomware, as well as corporate espionage.

The waters are teeming with phish thanks to BYOD and remote workforce

Phishing scams are the most common method of cyberattack and a leading cause of ransomware. According to the APWG (Anti-phishing Working Group), phishing attacks have doubled from early 2020. SaaS and the webmail sector were the most frequently victimized in 3rd quarter 2021, comprising 29%, with financial institutions and payment providers combined representing 35% of all attacks. The shift to an increasingly remote workforce has substantially intensified phishing threats. IT has far less oversight over how colleagues are using their own devices and struggle to provide adequate support when there are security issues.

With phishing attacks rising at an alarming rate, enterprise security teams must adopt deep email analysis measures and deploy protections on employee endpoints. Nextgen email security solutions are available that can make the next phishing trip a bust.

RevBits Email Security cuts the phishing line

RevBits Email Security protects against malicious email phishing campaigns at the most dangerous point - the endpoint. This nextgen solution detects and blocks malicious emails that get past the outer layers of an organization’s email security stack, protecting at the employee endpoint. Emails that have passed through SEGs or cloud-based analysis tools receive a final analysis at the endpoint when they are delivered to the employee’s inbox. Malicious emails are then transformed into non-actionable states and displayed, with details regarding risk factors and reasons for blockage for user awareness and training. Leveraging over 50 unique algorithms, RevBits Email Security addresses email complexities by thoroughly analyzing all elements of every email.

RevBits sophisticated, yet easy to use, Email Security dashboard receives automated and manually reported emails, where they are dissected, parsed, analyzed and made ready for investigation. It provides a streamlined cooperation between internal cybersecurity team members and experienced RevBits analysts.

RevBits has two U.S. patents for phishing detection and prevention. First, a patented system for detecting phishing emails, and second the capability to detect page impersonation in phishing attacks, that uncovers credential harvesting via fake login pages.

RevBits Email Security provides all the anti-phishing tackle you need

Features including intelligence sharing, page impersonation analysis, custom configuration and deep analysis of password protected attachments, makes RevBits Email Security the integrated and collaborative solution organizations need to fight back against malicious actors. While the benefits are many, here are a few highlights:

  • Easy deployment
  • Significantly reduce the number of successful phishing attacks
  • Reduce the cost of mitigation by blocking credential harvesting campaigns
  • Scalable in the organization’s existing email security stack

The growing sophistication of malicious actors requires a sophisticated solution. RevBits Email Security has the power to thwart email phishing trips and let your organization be the ‘one that got away’.

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