Don’t Waste Time on PAM Solutions Lacking Native Client Architecture

Don’t Waste Time on PAM Solutions Lacking Native Client Architecture

In the quest to protect vital assets, it has become a business imperative to adopt Privileged Access Management (PAM) for enterprises of every size, and in every industry. As digital transformation and the explosion of IoT devices continue to expand network perimeters, impenetrable safeguards against malicious malware becomes mission critical. Integrating a PAM solution as part of a zero trust approach is a necessity for maintaining control over access to, and usage of, enterprise infrastructure.

Don’t risk IT infrastructure by adding complexity

While there may be obvious merits to having a privileged access security program, it can be a challenge for admins to fully buy in to a new PAM solution if it disrupts the well-oiled workflows they have established and use every day. Innovative software solutions should save time and remove friction, not add unnecessary complexity. If the PAM solution doesn’t integrate easily with native clients and protocols, IT admins will find shortcuts and workarounds to avoid what they consider time-wasting extra steps in the PAM process. They want to use their tools of choice to manage access to assets, instead of a new process that interrupts or impedes the use of their familiar client applications.

The challenges of PAM solutions that don’t support native clients

There are many PAM solutions on the market, but not all of them offer native client capabilities. For most, these capabilities are a patchwork of connections and manual workarounds. Admins must perform a series of steps in order to gain access to digital resources. Typically, that solution will require users to login, locate the account and server, download an RDP file, load their client of choice on a jump server, and then finally - their logged in. Additionally, they may have to install Oracle client tools on the jump server or workstation to login to the Oracle database. This extra work and additional sessions can make PAM a tough act to sell!

When native clients are supported within PAM, all protocol capabilities are as well. PAM tools lacking native support, can’t use SSH port forwarding or SCP. However, PAM with a native client architecture allows admins to use them with any native SSH client when granting permissions.

RevBits PAM with its native client support offers seamless workflow

RevBits PAM native client architecture supports Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and IOS, and browser support for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera and Internet Explorer. It provides multiple integrated access management modules in one solution for streamlined vendor onboarding and full access to network resources with a single click.

RevBits PAM jump server architecture allows for its native clients to maintain their protocols on the jump server. As a result, the user interface and connections with those clients are seamless, without requiring any additional user effort. Admins can use the tools they know and appreciate and run them directly from their own device.

Advanced proxy support and DBA monitoring

Jump servers without advanced proxy are inefficient and problematic. An advanced proxy provides support for RDP, SSH, HTTP, and Oracle SQL. RevBits scalable architecture is a combination of PAM servers, jump servers and proxy support of native clients for each protocol/module. Full API functionality provides ease of integration. Native clients for critical database servers – Oracle, SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, PostgreSQL – allow authentic communication to occur while keeping DBA’s from having a direct connection to the actual server.

Gain the full benefit of PAM protection without disruption

In the ongoing war against cyberthreats, you need tools in your arsenal that can remain impervious to malicious workarounds. In order to achieve the optimum benefits, they must integrate seamlessly and achieve full buy-in from your IT and security teams in charge of administering daily safeguards. Don’t waste valuable time on solutions that generate unnecessary layers of complexity and are not fully secure from the wiles of innovative hackers. RevBits PAM is the seamless, easy-to-use, full coverage solution you need for complete asset protection.

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