Lack of Foresight and Complacency Will Compromise Digital Asset Security

Email Phishing Training and Anti-Phishing Tools Matter Most Before the Holidays

Whether they recognize it or not, many cybersecurity leaders in both the public and private sector are either unprepared or relying upon inadequate cybersecurity protection. Their organizations are at risk by depending upon security silos comprised of single function security products that aren’t appropriate for today’s broad attack surfaces. Keeping digital assets secure requires cybersecurity protections that will secure corporate assets today, and for decades to come.

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. The list of corporations and government agencies that have been on the bad end of a cyber breach grows daily. Many of them are organizations we assumed would have their cybersecurity buttoned up to avoid such significant security breaches.

Hindsight reveals the folly of unpreparedness

Cybersecurity is necessary for virtually every type of Internet-connected device, server, database, application and service. Planning and ensuring cybersecurity measures are capable of protecting against a wide scope of attack surfaces will help sustain a strong security posture.

While currently, it may seem like a cybersecurity platform is more than what you need; planning, preparing and implementing protection is always the best and most practical course. According to the Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, the top cyber breaches were social engineering, basic web application attacks, system intrusion, miscellaneous errors, privileged misuse, and lost and stolen assets. The Verizon report shows privilege misuse and data mishandling were the most common. It’s easy, yet painful to say “should have, would have, could have”, in hind-sight. It goes back to being prepared by planning and implementing the technology solutions that will protect your organization today, and for tomorrow.

The most effective and impactful approach to protecting digital infrastructure is having a cybersecurity platform that is unified. By bringing together privileged access management, zero trust networking, endpoint security, email security and deception technology, organizations can be significantly more responsive and efficient in managing risk. By integrating and unifying these capabilities, organizations can strengthen cyber resilience and mitigate data loss.

If you are security leader, it’s important to know the implications and impact that a unified cybersecurity platform will have on your organization. Understanding what actions you can take today, will prepare you against the threats of tomorrow. RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) can provide comprehensive threat protection for your organization.

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