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Most homeowners have had to deal with a pest problem at some point. In addition to the mess their intrusion may create, they can also cause a great deal of damage. Trying to determine their access point can be a tricky endeavor. You can attempt any number of lures and traps; sometimes with success. But the truly insidious and elusive pest will require the services of an expert.

The same holds true for cyber criminals who find their way into your corporate network. This dangerous brand of pest can wreak havoc; stealing credentials and compromising critical assets. By the time you discover their presence, the damage is done. Even as you try to clean up the aftermath, they continue to lurk in systems, waiting to strike again.

Set your trap with breadcrumbs and honeypots

In this digital era, corporations have the advantage of technologies that can prevent cyber criminals from infiltrating their network and causing significant damage. Deception technology, or DT, generates decoys or honeypots that mimic legitimate assets within IT infrastructure. This ploy deceives cyber criminals into thinking they’ve discovered a way to attain privileges and engage in data theft. While there are a number of DT vendors on the market, some are more sophisticated and feature-rich than others. In order to set a superior trap that will deceive and capture even the craftiest vermin, you’ll need the most compelling and convincing bait.

RevBits Deception Technology attracts, detects, and traps

RevBits Deception Technology is a sophisticated early breach detection and capture system to thwart external attackers and insider threats. It is the only deception technology on the market with dual-layer virtualization. This unique architecture enables the deployment of a large number of honeypots in an efficient and flexible manner. The dual layer makes it easier to contain attackers, as it is impossible to escape once a honeypot is accessed.

RevBits DT doesn’t use simulated or emulated honeypots. Real honeypot database servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.), file servers (FTP, SMB, etc.), network devices (routers, firewalls, etc.) and common network protocols (SSH, RDP, VNC, etc.) can be launched with a single click. The use of real server-based decoys makes detection between real network assets and honeypots impossible. A central dashboard allows system administrators to manage, configure and monitor all honeypots throughout the enterprise.

The main purpose of deploying deception technology is to receive advanced notice of covert and threatening activity before damaging consequences can occur. RevBits DT employs a multi-channel alert system that provides instant notification. Alerts are delivered via SMS, email and SIEM, with full attack details delivered to system admins as they occur. Even better, alerts can be sent within the RevBits’ Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) and correlated with other security products for immediate and decisive action across the entire enterprise security landscape.

The robust, continuous monitoring provides real-time detection data which immediately logs and stores all pertinent event info. It instantly shares the attacker’s location, source of the breach, the breadcrumb used, and the commands that were executed. RevBits’ Deception Technology is very easy to deploy and complex digital traps can be set up in minutes; from simple firewall honeypots to advanced database server honeypots, with a single click.

Thorough and effective pest control requires the expertise of skilled exterminators with the right bait and inescapable traps. Don’t leave your enterprise vulnerable to hit and miss attempts to thwart cyber criminals. Set your traps with RevBits’ award-winning deception technology.

RevBits is unique among security vendors, providing a unified security platform that simplifies management, secures enterprise digital assets, and enables rapid responses. RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) delivers a broad set of detection and response, identity and access, zero trust networking and deception capabilities for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Reach out to us, by calling (804) 473-8248, or email us at info@revbits.com, for complete cybersecurity protection for your businesses.

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