Email Phishing Training and Anti-Phishing Tools Matter Most Before the Holidays

Email Phishing Training and Anti-Phishing Tools Matter Most Before the Holidays

It’s no secret the holidays are a season of high traffic and sales volume for large and small businesses alike. With this increased volume comes a heavier workload, especially as employees are trying to successfully close out projects and initiatives before the end-of-the-year. To add onto the end-of-the-year work stress, many are planning vacations, holiday parties and need to finish holiday shopping.

The influx of work and email volume from both inside and outside of the office means employees are less likely to notice the difference between legitimate and illegitimate emails and links. Since black-hat hackers have caught-on, phishing schemes increase by almost 50% well before the traditional holiday season. To close the security gaps that cause expensive breaches during the holiday season, companies must have both the latest anti-phishing software and security awareness training in place before inboxes start to fill-up.

What Types of Attacks to Look for During the Holidays

Credential Harvesting

While credential harvesting poses a risk during any time of the year, it is especially dangerous to organizations as the holiday season approaches. In 2018, during the start of the holiday season, over 70% of phishing attacks consisted of hackers impersonating some of the largest tech companies around the world asking individuals for log-in information. Employees with full inboxes are less likely to scrutinize the validity of an email or its sender, putting important company information at risk. This holiday season, companies must stay hyper-vigilant and have the best anti-phishing software and phishing detection training in place to avoid breaches.


Since cybercriminals attempt to take advantage of companies during the busiest time of the year, ransomware becomes more prevalent during the holiday season. Ransomware is a hostile software that infects different endpoints and denies access to administrators until a ransom is paid. Businesses can’t afford to have any sort of downtime during the holiday season, so cybercriminals know that enterprises will be more likely to pay the ransom instead of wasting profits during the unwanted downtime. Ransomware can infect an endpoint when an employee does something as simple as clicking a malicious link. RevBits Email Security detects all ransomware and takes the guesswork out of verifying email legitimacy by operating at the endpoint to execute an in-depth analysis of every email’s validity without causing any delays.

Additional Vulnerabilities During the Holiday Season

Email security is one of the most important aspects of shoring up businesses during the holiday season, however, it’s not the only risk that enterprises face during the holiday season. During the holidays, many employees travel to see family members around the world.

In an effort to stay productive while traveling, employees may work from airports, cafés, hotels and other public areas, with 81% of holiday travelers turning to public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is attractive to hackers for the same reason it is attractive to employees: there are no authentication requirements. Hackers can position themselves in-between users and the hotspot. In other words, rather than working solely through the hotspot, users send information to the hacker than to the hotspot. It's smart to stay off of public hotspots in general, but it's imperative to avoid them when dealing with company financials, usernames, passwords and other types of sensitive information.

Without proper cybersecurity education training in place, some enterprises rely heavily on security teams to bridge the gaps that can lead to stolen credentials and network downtime. When security teams are on holiday travel, companies must manage the busiest and riskiest time of year with reduced network security resources.

Closing the Security Gaps

Proper security awareness training and phishing detection solutions are the best way to reduce the risk of a cyberattack during the holiday season. RevBits Email Security, a top-of-the-line phishing detection software, is the best way to make sure the inboxes of all employees are not only safe from attack but also educate them on how to spot dangerous links and webpages.

RevBits email security is a next generation security solution that performs the deepest analysis of emails looking for the most sophisticated of email schemes. Current email security solutions operate out on the gateway server of a company’s network and to prevent latency in the company’s email delivery system, only a certain level of depth of analysis can be conducted on each email. However, by operating at the endpoint, RevBits Email Security utilizes the power of the individual client machine to conduct a deep, thorough analysis without creating latency in email delivery.

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