Effectively Combat Cyberthreats with a Unified View of the Attack Lifecycle

Effectively Combat Cyberthreats with a Unified View of the Attack Lifecycle

Despite the fact that there’s a huge market for cybersecurity software, the ever-increasing number of serious cyber breaches clearly demonstrates a need for better protection, and an integrated approach. With both state and non-state sponsored hackers, the sophistication of cyberattacks can only be stopped by equally sophisticated solutions.

According to Gartner, worldwide spending on information security and risk management technology and services is expected to be $150.4 billion this year. Suffice it to say that enterprises in virtually every industry are facing unprecedented challenges with remote workforces, staffing challenges, and limited budgets for vital cybersecurity initiatives.

Cybersecurity digital forensics is an important function in protecting an organization. Tightly integrated cybersecurity technology and digital forensics is a requirement, in order to have a strong cybersecurity posture. This not only provides a powerful defense, it intrinsically couples cyber protection with the analysis and investigative capabilities necessary to protect against events in process, as well as protective measures for future attacks.

Visibility into the entire cyberattack chain of events

Analyzing the entire cyberattack lifecycle requires deep intelligence and visibility into malicious and suspicious activity throughout the network. IT and security teams need to know when activity is anomalous, so they can set the alarms to prevent an attack.

Bad actors use many different tactics, such as malware, phishing, SQL injection, zero-day exploits, man-in-the-middle, spear-phishing, and others. The more information cybercriminals obtain, the more damage they can inflict. The less information and access to systems an attacker gains, the less likely they will be able to complete an attack.

Cyberattacks have multiple stages that are part of the attack chain of events. When attacks are discovered close to their origin, they can be stopped more quickly to minimize damage. Every cyberattack has evidence that can be traced. Cyberattack stages can include conducting reconnaissance, creating the attack payload, delivering the payload, and installing malicious code on victim’s devices. Analyzing these stages, and others, helps inform analysts so they can prevent future attacks.

Cross-functional security and unified dashboards simplify forensics

RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform, or CIP, includes eleven security modules, such as EDR, PAM, ZTN, and others, from which it collects, processes, and preserves security data. Its unified dashboard provides a 360-degree view to analyze multi-vector cyberattack evidence. RevBits CIP security modules exchange intelligence between them, through standard logging, which enables analysts to uncover the digital evidence they need to improve detection and rapidly mitigate events.

The RevBits endpoint security module conducts a unique three-phase analysis on all new executables. These include signature scanning, machine learning and behavioral analysis. Together, these capabilities maximize the accuracy of malware detection and minimize false positives. The RevBits intuitive GUI dashboard provides in-depth details and easy navigation for malware analysts and forensic investigators.

RevBits makes it easy to navigate through malware incident details, with integrated search capabilities, a machine learning score graph, virus scan indicators, process trees, and radar graphs. Mouse-over functions provide even more granular information about IP addresses, and indicators on attack IDs, with links to the MITRE Attack Framework Database. These and many other attributes are at the fingertips of analysts and forensic investigators. They can quickly and easily view indicators, timelines, and tactics, and all of the steps that were taken, for both malicious and suspicious activities.

RevBits CIP empowers analysts and forensic investigators with greater productivity and effectiveness, by correlating diverse protection measures within the cybersecurity infrastructure. Leveraging RevBits’ analytics and automation, they can provide greater impact, by proactively protecting business assets, rather than reacting to false positives and other non-priority events. RevBits automates the detection and remediation of anomalous activity among a cross-functional multi-layered security stack. Everything is coalesced into a single intuitive GUI dashboard, that enables rapid cyber forensics with analytics and context, to quickly resolve threats.

Click here to watch a brief video to learn more about how RevBits simplifies cybersecurity investigations.

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