Cybersecurity Platforms are Vigilant Sentries for the Enterprise Fortress

Just Because You Don’t see Hackers, Doesn’t Mean They’re Not in Your Network

In the taming of every frontier, there has been a deep need for security and protection, from known and unknown threats. From circling the wagons and sentry-armed forts, to our modern security forces and services, we have realized the need to guard what is precious against compromise or calamity.

The high walls and sturdy gates that enclosed the forts of the Old West were built to protect against attacks, as well as provide centers for communication and commerce. Sentries were stationed at various points along the walls to guard or control access and prevent the passage of unauthorized persons. These individuals stood as sentinels against intrusion, unwelcome activity, fire threat, and imminent breach by an enemy.

Today, in light of our own burgeoning cybersecurity challenges, we can appreciate the monumental effort involved, and also recognize the obvious vulnerabilities in such a defense system. Independent sentries divided along different vantage points, with their singular view and fragmented communications, created a high probability for gaps and weak points. Deception and distraction tactics by wily enemies, human frailties, and disjointed communications often led to a catastrophic breach into the core of the fort.

Cybersecurity platforms perform the work of multiple ‘sentries’ in one unified solution

The modern enterprise still presents us with a fortress that must be protected against unauthorized access, attack, theft and malicious activity. We have seen that multiple siloed security products, lacking cohesive and immediate intercommunication and real-time alerts, leaves an enterprise open to security gaps and vulnerability points throughout the network. The acceleration of cyber crime, in response to transformational technologies and an expanding remote workforce, has revealed the inefficiencies of a disparate approach to cybersecurity infrastructure.

Fortunately, we now have what the vulnerable forts of yesteryear really needed - an all-seeing, all-knowing 360-degree view into the entire enterprise infrastructure. The right cybersecurity platform enables a defense at every endpoint, against every type of attack at every stage. It provides a view that sees threats before they become actual attacks, for rapid mediation. 

RevBits fully-integrated Cyber Intelligence Platform is the ultimate sentry

A natively-integrated cybersecurity system, RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) provides enterprises with unparalleled protections against cyber attacks. Each of RevBits superior security solutions are unified in one centralized dashboard for a 360-degree view. RevBits CIP offers exceptional protection by sharing threat intelligence and analytics between all security products for immediate threat awareness and action, displayed in real-time. With single sign-on capability, security teams can monitor and control all solutions with ease.

RevBits unique cyber intelligence platform consolidates all of these security products to achieve complete and secure fortification against all types of cyber attacks.

  • Endpoint Security with 3-Stage Analysis
  • Extended Detection & Response (XDR)
  • Email Security
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Deception Technology
  • Zero Trust Networking

A single, unified dashboard vantage point eliminates the need for fragmented and poorly communicating solution sentries. RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform delivers one Super Sentry for your enterprise fortress.

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