Cybersecurity Leaders with the Right Platform Play to Win

Phishing Trips Come Up Empty with RevBits Email Security

Most golfing aficionados will agree that choosing the right clubs will optimize your game. Using a putter on the first drive, for instance, won’t get you to the fairway. That journey would involve many attempts and missteps. When it comes to business, there are no mulligans to cover your... assets. Trying to win the war against cyber crime without the right tools can lead to lost data, lost productivity due to downtime, time and costs to bring the business online, and damaged brand reputation.

Today, many companies rely upon single-function security solutions from different vendors. While these solutions cover one specific security domain, they are implemented as individual solutions that won’t communicate effectively with each other. This fragmented approach adds complexity to security operations, and the hassle and cost of coordinating multi-vendor relationships. In this context, it’s extremely difficult to get a real-time and comprehensive view on the most important aspects of enterprise-wide cybersecurity events, let alone take immediate and automated action across different products. At best, the logs of the individual security solutions are collected within a SIEM, which adds even more cost and complexity to the equation with limited operational benefits.

This is why we created the RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP). RevBits integrated platform of security products and modules addresses the most important aspects of cybersecurity, including, but not limited to, endpoint security, privileged access management, zero trust networking, deception technology and email security.

RevBits CIP is the dream of every CISO. Within a single dashboard within a web browser or mobile app, the security team can track the protection status of all corporate assets in real-time. RevBits CIP enables a massive boost in the efficiency of security operations. Providing a customizable central portal for security analysts, CIP displays actionable intelligence from multiple security products and receives alerts in real-time. Straight from this portal, immediate action can be taken across the different products. Navigation between products is seamless, with user and role management set up centrally and automatically propagated and synchronized across all products.

Last but not least, by sharing actionable intelligence across all RevBits products, the overall corporate protection level rises dramatically. Superior real-time insights lead to faster responses and therefore, a better outcome. RevBits CIP provides unified, automated responses across all products.

If you want to stay out of the sand traps and score a “hole-in-one”, make sure you get the cybersecurity platform that best fits your organization’s needs.

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