Cybersecurity Built for Today, and the Future

Cybersecurity Built for Today, and the Future

When it comes to cybersecurity, technology solutions must be built for the future, while meeting the challenges of today.

Managing cyberthreats is a tricky, time-consuming and stressful process. For all the promises made by siloed security products, it ain’t like shooting fish in a barrel. Trying to manage cyberthreats and mitigate risk through an alert-based approach will always prove highly reactionary and mostly ineffective. A flood of ambiguous alerts causes noise and confusion, and delays focusing upon the alerts that really count.

Maximize malware detection accuracy and efficiency, while minimizing false-positives

RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform, or CIP, provides a 360-degree view into every type of attack vector, and across every attack surface, with full context and correlated insights that provide a complete narrative of an attack. RevBits endpoint protection conducts signature scanning, machine learning and behavioral analysis on all new executables. This improves the accuracy of malware detection, while reducing false-positives.

RevBits detects and blocks advanced threats, accelerates cross-function investigative analysis, and ensures full remediation across perimeter-less enterprise network environments. CIP, with its best-in-class suite of unified security products, enables high-intelligence threat discovery, blocking, and remediation. We use advanced behavioral analysis and machine learning to prevent known and unknown threats that are on-premises, in the cloud, on remote computers and mobile devices, and on IoT devices.

A unified platform provides visibility for a quick response

Data is coalesced from multiple cross-functional security threats with our suite of detection and response (EDR and XDR), privileged access management (PAM), email security (ES), Deception technology (DT), and zero trust networking (ZTN) products. This empowers IT and security teams with detailed information, to quickly and intuitively discover the root cause, timeline, type of malware used, location, and affected endpoints, within minutes. RevBits will protect, no matter the attack vector, or the attack surface, anywhere within the enterprise’s digital environment. Our unified dashboard visually represents the sum of the different attack points, through an intuitive cyberthreat map that shows with clarity, where unauthorized users tried to access, or extract data.

RevBits deception technology turns the tables on cyber attackers, using deception decoys that mimic legitimate digital assets and credentials throughout the enterprise. These decoys trick cybercriminals into thinking they’ve discovered a way to escalate privileges and steal credentials. Instead, they’re lured in, where they are uncovered and contained. With additional evidence collected from data analytics by RevBits other security products, a security analyst can easily and quickly provide a report on the full extent of an attack.

The future of cybersecurity is here and now

We can all appreciate that Amazon really led the way for technology consumption within an online retail environment. They took ease of use to new levels, creating an online model where users basically click, click, click, and they’re done. This delivered simplicity, convenience, lower costs, and greater product diversity, all from a single provider.

For decades, the security industry has been trying to deliver an easier, and more automated experience for IT and security teams. The mission has been to create an easily consumable model, where diverse security threats can be intuitively visualized and quickly remediated. RevBits has fulfilled that mission.

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