All Cyberbreaches Begin with People and End with Technology

All Cyberbreaches Begin with People and End with Technology

All cyberbreaches are enabled by people, whether due to neglect, configuration errors, privilege misuse, or malicious intent. Workers at all levels and within every industry are responsible for allowing, creating, and enabling security vulnerabilities. Errors in judgment, an unassuming tap, click or swipe, and lack of implementing prevention and protection across all digital assets are the culpable risk factors. When these risk factors collide with the unscrupulous, the opportunity for attack penetration begins.

Bad actors scour enterprise networks, servers, applications, endpoints and services, where people have unwittingly created vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Hackers prey upon weaknesses within users and the technology itself to accomplish their goals. Protecting against bad actors requires an understanding of user actions, the attack methods, and the events that led up to the attack. An effective defense requires user education, detection, response and recovery capabilities, and zero trust practices. It necessitates automation, multiple layers of security that are cross-connected and holistic, with intuitive visibility across the entire digital infrastructure.

Never presume you are safe from a cyberattack

No amount of money or resources will completely prevent an attack. Once bad actors aggressively pursue a target, that network will eventually be infiltrated. While organizations may spend months, even years, protecting and defending digital assets, at the right time, and with the right technology, a hacker will break through their defenses. Once in, they dig into the organization’s digital infrastructure, learning their vulnerabilities. To lay low and remain undetected, they use deception, evasive measures, and hidden malicious code. When they are ready to take over control, they unleash their attack, until they’ve accomplished their objective. These nefarious operations encompass the entire attack timeline from beginning to end; the methods used and activities taken.

Every employee bears the responsibility for doing their utmost to ensure the security of enterprise and customer data. Cyber thieves have a keen understanding of humans as the weak link due to user ignorance, negligence and malfeasance. But the real failure is due to security experts failing to anticipate the human weakness points and protect against them. An enterprise can’t just accept the ‘given’ of human error. Human innovation can address human weakness through advanced technology solutions that will make a cybersecurity program more invulnerable to catastrophic breaches.

There’s a big difference between a cyberattack and a cyberbreach. We can’t prevent cyberattacks. But we can prevent cyberbreaches by detecting, blocking and remediating the attacks. Cybersecurity must meet the challenge of increasing attack sophistication with equally sophisticated advanced and multi-layered cybersecurity platforms.

RevBits cybersecurity platform and product portfolio

RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) automates and integrates a suite of security modules to detect, alert, respond, and intelligently analyze multi-layered security data across the security stack. Data is coalesced and presented with unprecedented visibility within the RevBits unified dashboard.

We are taking cybersecurity to the next level, innovating new capabilities with multiple patented technologies to ensure our competitive advantage. RevBits eliminates security gaps between siloed products that can’t integrate, correlate or analyze unrelated alerts, logs, events, or behavior analytics. Our patented technology includes best-in-class cybersecurity modules, and provides superior protection by seamlessly working together. The integrated dashboard, and/or mobile app, allows a CISO to see the status of all major components within their cyber defense. RevBits CIP is an extensible platform that can plug into Syslog, LogRhythm, Splunk, SIEM, and other log management and security platforms.

Click for a demo on how RevBits helps detect threats early, and remediate them quickly.

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