A Cybersecurity Platform is Not a Tempest in a Teapot

A Cybersecurity Platform is Not a Tempest in a Teapot

The phrase “tempest in a teapot” refers to assessing a high level of importance, or over-inflated value to an event, object or process. There are some who assert, for example, that the need for a comprehensive cybersecurity platform is unnecessary. They claim data protection and privacy can be adequately ensured by deploying diverse security products and tools to protect their data from inside and outside malicious activity.

Time and experience have demonstrated that a plethora of single-function security products have resulted in too many vendors and products with very little integration or coordination. Security alerts have become excessive, uncoordinated, and too often go unattended. Configurations are not actively maintained or tested for effectiveness, and products are infrequently upgraded. SIEM tools are good at collecting logs, but rarely improve detection fidelity in most implementations.

In truth, there are various technologies that will protect digital infrastructure, and myriad solutions that provide protections, like data encryption, anti-virus software, firewalls, and identity and access management, to name a few. These solutions certainly play an integral part in protecting an organization’s digital assets, but this is not the entire story.

With so many discrete security product silos, adequately defending an organization becomes a difficult and overly complex process. These incongruent products obscure the correlation of data and incident response, resulting in late detection and slower remediation. Unfortunately, there is no single security technology that solves every security problem. But when endpoint security, deception technology, privileged access and session management, zero trust network access, and email security are natively embedded into a unified architecture, enterprises can align themselves with a cybersecurity platform that meets their risk tolerance.

RevBits integrates multiple security products into one unified platform

RevBits is unique among security vendors, providing a unified security platform that simplifies management, secures enterprise digital assets, and enables rapid responses. RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) delivers a broad set of detection and response, identity and access management, and deception capabilities for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

RevBits addresses the operational and business challenges associated with cybersecurity incidents within traditional and modern networks, when users or devices, wherever they are, access applications and services. RevBits CIP unifies and coalesces multiple security functions into a single dashboard that enables cross-functional visibility for rapid cyber forensics and quick responses. Automation frees security staff from manual manipulations, enabling rapid detection of advanced persistent threats, to provide fast remediation. In addition to enterprise deployments, RevBits Cyber Intelligence Platform can be deployed as an extremely efficient and cost-effective managed security service offering.

Enterprise digital resources must be secure and protected on-premises, within clouds and for remote and mobile users. Rather than an over-emphasized option, cybersecurity platforms have become a very vital and necessary component for a strong enterprise security posture.

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Over the years, security solutions from single-function products have limited IT visibility and mitigation efforts, due to their disparate nature. These siloed products have become more advantageous to cybercriminals benefiting from the security and visibility gaps between products. The future of single-function products seems to be going the way of the legacy corporate perimeter. I liken them to a sundial. They can be accurate, but no one depends upon a sundial to tell the time.

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