The RevBits Story

Bringing the best cybersecurity software and services to every organization.

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RevBits was started to improve the cyber defense options available to organizations of all sizes.

After working for years in the cybersecurity space from inside corporations, RevBits founder Mucteba Celik recognized the need for a refreshed look at cybersecurity software. Initially, Mucteba conceived RevBits as a professional services organization specializing in pen testing, malware analysis and incident response - feeling the marketplace needed more effective products. Early RevBits clients included Penn State College of Medicine, Realogy, The National Band of Texas and Marvel Studios.


Proven Leadership

After completing a comprehensive suite of next-generation solutions, RevBits sought and found experienced corporate leadership in David M Schiffer, who became the CEO. Prior to RevBits, David was the founder, president and CEO of Safe Banking Systems (‘SBS’), where he combatted money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and other criminal activity by providing banks and financial institutions with the latest security technology.


Cybersecurity is RevBits Passion

As the RevBits team grew with skilled engineers and programmers, it continued to enhance RevBits comprehensive suite of security software solutions to help further address gaps in security and protect organizations against the growing threat landscape. The RevBits team consists of experts from a multitude of security backgrounds working together to provide advanced solutions to the latest cyber threats.