Think Your Organization is Secure? Get a Sanity Check from our Red Team.
It only takes one wrong action, policy, or system configuration to expose significant vulnerabilities in your network. A user clicking the wrong link or falling for a phishing email can actually open the door for an attacker to infiltrate your network, deploy malware, and access your sensitive information.

The statistics for businesses are alarming. SoftScan, an email security firm, maintains that 90-95% of all email traffic is unsolicited. Furthermore, Symantec reports that it is typical to come across one instance of malware per 200 emails. This trend continues to escalate as more digital devices are deployed and more organizations turn to centralized, cloud solutions for their sensitive data storage.

Malware doesn't just cause data breaches. Many business owners routinely experience attacks that result in a commandeered or defaced website which can lead to poor public relations, lack of consumer confidence, and even non-compliance with laws and regulations.


Our team at RevBits is comprised of cyber security professionals regarded as experts in their field. We've worked as software engineers, system administrators and security researchers. We know how to use our expertise to secure - and break into - systems all over the world. We've proven our "on-net" prowess at competitive hacking tournaments, known as Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competitions. Some of our CTF championship wins include the DefCon CTF and the FireEye CTF.

Our experts are on retainer with some of the largest cyber security forensics companies in their field. Those companies come to us because of the superior skill and experience that comes with handling thousands of security assessments per year - and we do it all for nearly half the price of other firms.

Our Process

At RevBits Cyber Security Solutions, our red teams simulate a complex, multi-layered attack on your systems as if they are being performed by a malicious actor.

Our teams attempt to invade your endpoints, applications, and sensitive systems; emulating a real adversary.

Because our work is comprehensive, our assessment reveals key vulnerabilities in your technology, processes, and people that can ultimately be improved to increase your defenses against harmful data breaches.

In addition, RevBits' team helps you to consider your legal, regulatory and branding concerns so that you can ensure that all of your potential liabilities are covered.

We use innovative tools that allow our team members to perform comprehensive testing and analysis of your network. We leverage a full suite of exploits, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, macros, proof-of-concept malware and social engineering to simulate an advanced persistent threat - in other words, we fully simulate the breadth and sophistication of a malicious actor in order to expose your weakest points. Once our assessment is complete, we'll train your team on how to improve your systems and response actions.

Our scruitiny during a Red Team assessment is unmatched. From RFID door locks to proximity cards to vulnerabilities in a network serivce exposed to the Internet, we assess everything.

Our comprehensive testing


A custom testing plan tailored to your organization's size, systems and needs. Our plans include social engineering, test and asset controls, and security response analysis

Multi-phased stress tests across all layers of your organization's systems

Innovative proprietary tools that simulate a persistent attack from an advanced adversary

Reconnaissance to gather intelligence on your people, process and technology vulnerabilities

Spontaneous, direct attacks that simulate a security incident without employee knowledge, thereby testing your organization's internal security response

A full risk assessment detailing the extent to which our team successfully performed data exfiltration and modification, as well as clear, actionable remediation steps to improve system security and employee training/awareness

Why We're Better

The RevBits Red Team is contracted by customers all over the world, including by other large security companies! We're regularly sought after because of our top-notch expertise and innovative approaches to security, which ultimately help your business to recover quickly and with minimal long-term damage.

Experts in Our Field

Our team is made up of highly-motivated overachievers with incredible attention to detail. Our team is made up of a broad array of specializations and each team member brings a laser-sharp focus to their assessments. Our experience comes from being on the frontlines of real attacks and working countless years within the security field to prevent these attacks from occuring in the future.

Immediate, Improved Security

We perform manual analysis without the use of online tools. This prevents your adversaries from gathering information on your security response. It also ensures that you receive a tailored and deep analysis of any issues - not an automatically-generated report. We're even confident with unknown threats. Between our proprietary tools and our expert team, we break down malware like it's our job... because it is!

Confidential Communication, in Real-Time

Not only do we personally understand the crucial need for confidentiality, but we've implemented total security into our process. Our secure portal allows you to upload malware samples and communicate with our team in real-time. Our portal is secured using the very best security practices, thereby ensuring that only you (and those you designate) have access to our investigation and findings. All of your data is kept completely confidential during rootkit, bootkit, or user-mode malware analysis, and never leaves our network.

Actionable Results

You can't improve your security if you can't understand the findings and deliverables. We boil our results down into simple, actionable information with steps you can take to increase your security immediately. We walk you through every aspect of our report, leaving nothing up to interpretation.

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