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Detect and Evade Sophisticated Phishing Attacks

Despite better security awareness

Despite better security awareness, phishing is still the leading cause of cyber intrusions. All it takes is one relatively-sophisticated phishing email to fool a user, and an organization's entire network can be compromised.

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It's no secret - the "same old" phishing attacks caused major incidents at popular organizations over the past year, including but not limited to the Democratic National Committee, Advance Auto Parts, Polycom and Seagate, according to Cloudmark. At RevBits, our research shows that even after conducting extensive security awareness training at an organization, it only takes one complex phishing email for a user to forget everything they learned.

It makes sense. Users are busy and have work to do. They receive tens or even hundreds of emails per day, and don't have the time to examine an email for all of the signs that may indicate that a phishing campaign is in progress.

Phishing still remains as one of the easiest and most effective attack vectors into an enterprise network. Further, sophisticated phishing attacks use encrypted attachments that contain malware but cannot be scanned by an email gateway or traditional endpoint protection software.

Luckily, RevBits can help! Our patented Phish-O-Meter security system is an Outlook native extension that analyzes every email using over 50 proprietary algorithms. It checks for signs and signatures that indicate if an email is malicious.

Fast and Efficient

Phish-O-Meter is designed to run as quickly as possible. It runs multi-threaded algorithms that can definitively scan any type of email message in 2-3 seconds.


Phish-O-Meter leverages multiple intelligence feeds to provide real-time protection, including the Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) feed from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and two proprietary commercial feeds.


Our software interprets live feed data and leverages machine learning algorithms to search for signs that an email could be malicious. Our algorithms search for indicators such as DKIM headers, IP addresses, and destination links that are known to be associated with attacks. Phish-O-Meter can even unmask URL shorteners.

Full Control

Organizational administrators can set plugin rules and policy using Phish-O-Meter's administration panel. Administrators can disable links when an email carries a suspicious rating, block file attachments, and more.

Protection Against the Latest Threats
Protection Against the Latest Threats

Protection Against the Latest Threats

Phish-O-Meter guards organizations against the latest and most effective phishing campaigns, and is always learning.

Quick, Local Setup

Phish-O-Meter runs on a user's workstation as an MS Outlook plugin. It does not require any server infrastructure and doesn't have a footprint on the MS Exchange Server. Best of all, deploying Phish-O-Meter on the network takes about two minutes. It is extremely lightweight.

Phish-O-Meter is the only solution proven to stop all phishing attacks against your organization. It constantly monitors the latest email phishing techniques and tactics to strengthen its own capability and better protect you from malicious campaigns. Overall, it is extremely effective in detecting and blocking phishing attacks. Contact us today to learn more!

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