Let Us Find Your Vulnerabilities Before the Bad Guys Do

Don't gamble with your company's future. Without a high-quality penetration test, you're taking chances with your security. Our award-winning team will identify your vulnerabilities before the bad guys do; rest assured, if there's a weak point in your system, we'll find it.

A penetration test is an authorized, simulated attack on a computer system or network that evaluates its security and defensive mechanisms by trying to discover and exploit vulnerabilities. Penetration tests provide development, operations and security personnel with opportunities to improve the security of their system, highlight deficiencies in security controls and policy, and provide a technology risk assessment to an organization.

Penetration tests are an important component of a successful security program, and are often required for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), HIPAA, and other standards and regulations.



Our team at RevBits is comprised of cyber security professionals regarded as experts in their field. We've spent countless hours working as software engineers, system administrators and security researchers. We know how to use our expertise to secure - and break into - systems all over the world. We've proven our "on-net" prowess at competitive hacking tournaments, known as Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competitions.

We leverage our wealth of experience to develop one-of-a-kind custom penetration tests for your network that outshine offerings from other security firms. Simply put, our tests result in realistic and actionable ways to improve your cyber defensive measures.


A RevBits penetration test seeks out weak points in your system by using deep, intensive and thorough security testing. It consists of the following phases:


we comb your system looking for ways to access your critical and sensitive data.


we perform manual and automated tests using publicly-known and proprietary exploits, with the goal of trying to break into your network and determine your system's vulnerabilities.


using the access we gained during exploitation, we determine the data we could potentially "steal," the systems and devices we could sieze control of, and the ultimate damage that could be inflicted upon your organization, had we been actual attackers.


using our innovative (patent pending) Penetration Testing Portal, you'll see all of our testing results in real time. We'll also meet with you at the conclusion of our test to go over our findings, answer questions, and suggest remediation steps.

Free Assessment?!

We're good sports and love what we do, so if you impress us by stumping our efforts to find system vulnerabilities, we'll reward you. If we don't find critical vulnerabilities during your system assessment, we'll still give you a comprehensive report detailing all medium and low level risks for FREE!

**RevBits reserves the right to deny free assessments dependent on the agreed upon terms and internal policies and procedures.

Easy, Interactive, Effective

Enjoy seamless testing and results and use our cloud-based web portal to review your system status and data at any time. We use an innovative security technique to protect your data in the cloud. Our client-side algorithm encrypts all information on the server and in transit.

Performing penetration testing and sharing the results with your team have never been this easy and instantaneous. It's live, real-time collaboration.

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