Securing Your Mobile Applications
We often think of our smartphones and mobile apps as secure, but in fact they are of the most vulnerable pieces of technology we own. Cyber criminals and other malicious actors are catching on to the fact that smartphone usage is more prevalent in our everyday lives than ever before.

Over the past few years, McAfee Labs cited a dramatic increase in the amount of new phone malware on the web, including commercially-available variants available for purchase. As a response to this, App Stores such as Apple, Google, Amazon and others are tightening security for mobile apps and are more likely to remove vulnerable apps if they feel that it jeopardizes the user community. More than ever, app developers need to verify that their code is secure in order to guarantee their product's availability and maintain a positive reputation.

Our Mobile Security Team

At RevBits Cyber Security Solutions, our team leads the industry in mobile application security. Our team members are familiar with all of the nuances of mobile application development and use savvy techniques to reverse engineer binaries to find loopholes.

Our mobile analysis includes all facets of your app from local application to back-end web services including but not limited to REST, SOAP, and HTTP API.

Our Process

The RevBits mobile security team delivers verification, validation and assessment across every control category from access control authentication, session management, storage security, permissions, malicious input handling and cryptography.

Our team is capable of completing two types of reviews:

Binary Security Review

provide us with a final copy of your app’s executable and we’ll reverse engineer its code to perform a binary security assessment.

Source Code Security Review

provide us with a copy of your source code or access to your source code repository and we’ll perform a detailed review of your libraries, functions and other subroutines.

We engage a custom development platform and perform a detailed review using a secure software development environment with specialized security tools. We support testing for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry Apps.

Don’t Have Critical Vulnerabilities?

Your Assessment is on Us.

We stand behind our product and our findings. If we don't find any critical vulnerabilities in your application assessment, we'll provide our services free of charge.*

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