Fast, Reliable Recovery from System and Data Breaches
Today's business technology environment is much different than it was even 5 years ago. System and data breaches occur more frequently and are more harmful than ever, according to the Breach Level Index. Don't delay - if you notice suspicious activity in your network, it may be due to a compromise. You need to respond by hiring an Incident Response (IR) team right away.

The U.S. Small Business Administration maintains that 50% of organizations that endure a major disaster such as a breach will close within 12 months - possibly sooner if the breach isn't handled as soon as possible. In addition, global financial costs related to cyber crimes are expected to rise to $6 million by 2021, according to CISO Magazine. A quick-response IR team increases the likelihood that your team won't be paying the high price tag that goes along with a catastrophic data breach.

Our Process

At RevBits, our IR teams run full disk and memory analysis to search for evidence of data breaches, malware, and other security failures. We fully analyze any malware we find so that you have a comprehensive assessment of your compromise, the damage caused, and how to respond. We also perform a root-cause analysis to understand how attackers gained access to your system in the first place, and how to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

In addition, RevBits' crisis management team helps you to consider your legal, regulatory, and branding concerns to ensure potential liaibilities are covered.

Our white-glove incident response/forensic investigation includes:

Suspicious network activity

Compromised points in your system, including Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices endpoints, and databases

Applications, infiltrated networks and compromised systems/users

Stress tests and penetration testing services

Vulnerability and malware analysis

Advice and consulting on public relations, regulatory and legal concerns related to a malicious attack

Crisis management

A comprehensive report including our findings, exploited vulnerabilities, root cause analysis, risk assessment and remediation plan

A Better Response


Our RevBits IR and forensic analysts are contracted by customers all over the world including other large security companies! We're regularly sought after because of our top-notch expertise and innovative approach to security, which ultimately help your business to recover quickly and with minimal long-term damage.

  • We provide an initial assessment within 24 hours. Our fast response times are unrivaled in our field. As a subscriber to our security maintenance packages, there is no waiting for contracts or approvals before beginning an investigation. Our initial findings allow you to slow or stop the damage right away.
  • Our process results in immediate, improved security for your business. We perform manual analysis without the use of online tools, preventing your adversaries from gathering information on the security investigation. It also ensures that you receive a tailored and deep analysis of any problems with your systems - not an automatically-generated report.
  • Our secure portal allows you to review the status of your investigation in real-time. You can also securely upload sensitive disk images and malware samples, and communicate with our team. In addition, the portal is secured using the very best practices. Only you (and those you designate) have access to our investigation and findings.
  • Our team provides actionable results. You can't improve your security if you can't understand our findings and deliverables. We boil our results down into simple, actionable information with steps you can take to increase your security right now. We also walk you through every aspect of our report, leaving nothing to interpretation.
We'll start working to resolve your incident immediately and will post our initial findings to the secure client portal within 24 hours. Monitor our progress in real-time while we work. You'll know everything we're doing as it's done.
Smooth & Seamless

We know you want to monitor what's happening in your system especially after a security threat. That's why we created the dynamic client portal, with the ability to securely view results and collaborate with our team in real-time.

Ready at a Moment's Notice

Take advantage of our smart annual packages that keep us up to date on your system and ready to go for you at a moment's notice. Purchase malware reviews or incident response cases in advance and you'll have immediate attention from our team. Eliminate the wait by packaging our services. We're on call for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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