Privileged Access Management and Password Storage Solution

Gain visibility and manage all your organization's privileged access activities. Our enterprise PAM and Password Vault brings powerful privileged account security and provides a platform to securely store and control user and generic account passwords

Keeping passwords and athentication information safe

Keeping passwords and authentication information safe is necessary for any computer user; after all, a simple Google search will reveal dozens of reasons why a password manager is extremely important. This is compounded even further when managing privileged accounts; essentially, the crown jewels of your organization.

According to Telesign, each year 40% of internet users had one of their accounts hacked and/or one of their passwords stolen. Almost 50% of internet users use passwords that are at least 5 years old. About 75% of online accounts are guarded by passwords that are also used elsewhere. There's a reason for this; it's a lot of work to change passwords often, create different passwords for accounts, and keep track of them all.

When it comes to Privileged Access Management (PAM), over 80% of security breaches include privileged credentials according to Solutions Review - an alarming statistic. That's because privileged accounts are extremely powerful when in the hands of an attacker. It's even worse if the attacker is within your organization; 70% of insider misuse takes more than a week to detect. Successful organizations stay ahead by not relying on manual methods to manage privileged accounts.

The ENPAST Privilege Access Management and Password Vault allows organizations to monitor, detect, and alert on privileged account activity and control and manage passwords used to access systems throughout the enterprise. ENPAST is easy to use and makes it easier for users to differentiate their passwords and rotate passwords to meet compliance requirements. ENPAST will help your organization understand the scope and risks related to privileged accounts and relieve the frustration of manually managing several passwords.


ENPAST provides an extra layer of authentication security by supporting two-factor authentication (2FA). ENPAST supports Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), smart cards, USB tokens, Near-Field Communications (NFC) and RFID technologies to create an iron-clad and user friendly password and note management system.


You have two options for deploying ENPAST: in your own network, where data will be fully protected within your boundaries, or hosted in the cloud, where we will fully manage your system and ensure that it remains secure. Either way, ENPAST is one of the most secure solutions on the market


Completing the authentication process with your stored credentials just got easier. Use ENPAST to define a custom action for a particular entry, such as automatically connecting via RDP, SSH, through the web, and more.



In today's environment, every system password must be complex. Your system administrators are constantly changing passwords, updating user accounts and keeping secure notes. If it isn't done securely or stored in an efficient way, your organization may be at risk of a severe compromise or a significant efficiency problem. ENPAST is the single solution for all of your password, notes and access needs. Make changes to your credentials and secure information in seconds, and rest assured that it's all safe.

It's All About Containers

ENPAST's architecture is based on containers. Passwords, secure notes, keys and other credentials can be stored in one or more containers. Create as many containers as you need and set separate options, access controls, encryption, two-factor authentication, sharing options and more. You can even nest containers within each other.

Automated Password Rotation

We know that it's difficult to rotate all of your passwords on a regular basis. That's why ENPAST will do it for you. Use our software to define the password rotation frequency, and it'll all be handled for you.

Choose Your Own Encryption Algorithm

With our easy-to-use custom data encryption system, you can choose your preferred encryption algorithm. You can also choose different algorithms based on the information being protected.

Integration with Custom Software and Apps

ENPAST contains a fully matured API that can integrate with any application, database, or microservice architecture. Simply provide ENPAST with a secret key file and reference it in your application; we'll do the rest.

High-End Privileged Access Management (PAM)

ENPAST provides the ultimate security abstraction so that your users aren't able to circumvent your password management system.

Ephemeral Credentials

Authenticate to your secure resources using temporary credentials, thereby preventing your users and administrators from pulling authentication information out of ENPAST. Network addressing is fully abstracted from the user by being routed through an ENPAST jump server.

Restricted Access

Ensure that your users are accessing your secure resources the way you want them to. Limit access by time of day, a specific date range, a particular network location, and even by source platform or operating system.

Monitor User Activity

The ENPAST PAM module helps you to audit user activity by recording all actions when a user is authenticated to a secure resource, including video of the user's session, keystrokes, and commands executed.

Detailed Searchable Records

All the ENPAST PAM records are extremely detailed and fully searchable, thereby ensuring that historical user activity is available, easy to find and able to be used as evidence for any reason.


ENPAST runs natively on all of the major desktop platforms, including Windows, Linux and MacOS. In addition, we have mobile apps available for Android and iOS, a web client, and browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. No matter what operating system, mobile device, or browser software you're running, ENPAST can secure you.

Cross-Platform Cross-Platform
 User-Friendly, Embodied

Too often, technical security solutions come with a sizeable learning curve. For something as important as your enterprise systems, don't pass on top-notch security or create crippling inefficiency. ENPAST's intuitive user interface secures and manages all of your passwords and notes in a straightforward manner, allowing your team to access multiple systems with ease and focus on the task at hand.

 Supreme Security

ENPAST leverages a multifaceted approach that exponentially increases your security. Through features including but not limited to selecting your own asymmetric and symmetric encryption algorithms, two-factor authentication, and zero knowledge server storage, all of your passwords and secure notes are completely safe.

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