Anti Phishing Technology

How effective is your anti-phishing solution? Has it been tested against the sophisticated attacks that are more prevalent today? Phish-O-Meter uses AI and deep analysis to identify and defend against sophisticated attacks.

Important Information

  1. All sample phishing emails used are similar to ones seen in a number of organizations and should be identified and blocked by your anti-phishing solution.
  2. If this exercise results in a phishing email bypassing your existing defenses and reaching your inbox, we urge that you re-evaluate your current solution.
  3. Once we receive your request, we will contact you and advise on the campaign schedule.
  4. Phish-O-Meter detects and blocks every single sample email you are going to receive with it's AI engine which uses image analysis and 56+ algorithms to detect all types of phishing attacks

Please fill in the form below to receive realistic phishing emails that will test the resiliency of your anti-phishing solution.

* RevBits reserves the right to discontinue this service without notice. Although this service is not intended to cause damage (will not contain malicious payload), RevBits is not responsible for any damages that result from this service.

It's no secret - the "same old" phishing attacks caused major incidents at popular organizations over the past year, including but not limited to the Democratic National Committee, Advance Auto Parts, Polycom and Seagate, according to Cloudmark. At RevBits, our research shows that even after conducting extensive security awareness training at an organization, it only takes one complex phishing email for a user to forget everything they learned.

It makes sense. Users are busy and have work to do. They receive tens or even hundreds of emails per day, and don't have the time to examine an email for all of the signs that may indicate that a phishing campaign is in progress.

Phishing still remains as one of the easiest and most effective attack vectors into an enterprise network. Further, sophisticated phishing attacks use encrypted attachments that contain malware but cannot be scanned by an email gateway or traditional endpoint protection software.

Luckily, RevBits can help! Our patented Phish-O-Meter security system is an Outlook native extension that analyzes every email using over 50 proprietary algorithms. It checks for signs and signatures that indicate if an email is malicious.

Phish-O-Meter can be implemented without alterations to MX records, hardware, lengthy manuals or custom configuration. RevBits never sees or intercepts any email - all processing is done on a user's local workstation. Best of all, Phish-O-Meter can be deployed in less than 10 minutes!

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