Achilles Shield: Be Impenetrable

Protect your organization from the newest and most advanced security threats with our intuitive, high-performance security software.

One of the most common defenses in cyber security today is anti virus (AV) software. AV software is a multi-billion dollar industry, and virtually every organization employs some kind of AV protection against security threats. Yet, despite its nearly ubiquitous presence, security breaches are still on the rise. As it turns out, AV software can no longer adequately protect its users from today's threats - and AV software companies know this.

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To adequately defend a system from the latest threats, security software must be tuned to protect against known and unknown malware and exploits. Rather than solely detecting previously identified malware, security software must be tuned to recognize and block certain behavioral characteristics that are known to cause harm to systems. Most importantly, security software must be able to respond quickly and prevent its host system from suffering a performance hit.

Just as the "achilles heel" is one of the most vulnerable points of the human body, an endpoint workstation can be one of the weakest points in your enterprise network. That's why we created Achilles Shield - an innovative software package that is the first line of defense in your network. Here's why it's better:

AV signature updates aren't enough to protect us from today's threats. The Achilles Shield AI engine automatically detects, classifies, and eliminates all types of malware, ransomware, and spyware as threats are detected. Threats are blocked immediately by the AI engine without the need for constant updates.
To be effective, you have to stay one step ahead of the threat. Achilles Shield identifies and immediately eliminates malicious software and suspicious processes by leveraging machine learning technology. After neutralizing the threat, Achilles Shield organizes and transmits information about the malicious software to the server to be forensically analyzed. As the software "learns" your threat environment, your protection will become even stronger.
Outdated anti-virus tools use signature updates to address recently identified threats. Achilles Shield is superior because it doesn’t need updates. The AI engine learns as it goes; it identifies and blocks any suspicious activity detected in your network.
Achilles Shield is the brainchild of windows kernel developers, white hat hackers, and cyber security specialists who code and reverse engineer because it's what they love to do. Our software is a product of their adept knowledge of cyber security.

Evolutionary Technology

Revolutionary Security

Evolutionary Technology Evolutionary Technology

Transparent File System Sandboxing

Achilles Shield isolates processes and runs them in an innovative and transparent virtualized environment to learn more about them. As your software runs, Achilles Shield tracks its activity. If a process or a service behaves poorly or attempts to execute malicious action(s), the virtualized environment terminates the software and rolls back any changes so that your system is unaffected. After being classified as malware by the Achilles Shield Analysis Engine, all of its activities are reverted back in a matter of seconds. This method is extremely effective against all of the latest security threats, including ransomware.

Achilles Phoenix

Achilles Phoenix

The most effective malware targets the same vulnerable applications and processes over and over again. Achilles Phoenix is an exploit detection and prevention engine layered on top of those vulnerable applications and processes, including, but not limited to, web browsers, desktop publishing software (such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader) and others. By "wrapping" these applications with Phoenix, Achilles Shield can detect and prevent virtually all system exploits, including those that are not yet publicly known (also known as 0-day attacks). Exploit techniques include return-oriented programming (ROP) gadgets, heap spraying, buffer overflows, integer overflows, use-after-free exploits, null page mapping and more.

"A UAF exploit attempt has been detected and blocked"

"Buffer overflow exploitation attempt has been blocked"

A previously unknown ransomware has been detected and removed from the system"

A new malicious keylogger has been detected and removed from the system

Achilles Shield Central Server

Achilles Shield can run on its own or as part of a larger network of managed hosts. Our central server provides system administrators and network operators with everything they need to fully secure their endpoints.

One Centralized, Interactive Dashboard

All security information and forensic evidence is tracked and managed from the Achilles Shield Central Server, giving you instant insight into your whole network. The interactive dashboard provides a high-level view of security event counts, recent activity, and threat analysis, but also allows its users to conduct deep analysis with an extremely robust search and indexing feature. Run our dashboard right out of the box, or configure it to include custom indicators of compromise. The interactive dashboard equips system administrators and technicians to conduct expert analysis and quickly respond to incidents. All data is encrypted and remains on your secure, on-site host.

Configurable Security Policies and Open Integration

Achilles Shield Central Server can publish robust policies throughout the network that can be tailored to an organization's security needs. Achilles Shield is instrumented with open and documented APIs to integrate into a broader security ecosystem.

USB Controls

Portable USB devices present a significant security risk to any IT environment. With Achilles Shield, you can implement specific USB policies, including, but not limited to, whitelisting/blacklisting USB storage, web cameras, or wireless devices. You can even whitelist or blacklist specific USB devices or vendors.

Effective Alerts

Studies show that the sooner a security event is detected, the less likely it will cause significant damage to the organization. Never be surprised or let a suspicious event get past you. Keep an eye on your network with Achilles Shield's alert system. Notify individual team members via email and SMS when certain events occur.

Powerful Whitelisting & Blacklisting

Achilles Shield's whitelisting and blacklisting features extend to virtually every component of your operating system. Use it to control applications running on your workstations or network communications between harmful (or trustworth) hosts. It's all fully customizable.

API Integrations

Achilles Shield software includes an API interface which allows you to integrate it with your existing software and management ecosystem. With only a small bit of software development, your other systems can trigger Achilles Shield to take immediate action or receive updates, alerts, and reports.

Compliance Simplified

Use your visual forensics timeline to easily comply with standards, contracts, legal concerns, and other requirements. Achilles Shield captures details on the threat at each endpoint and presents the facts in an easy-to-digest format.

Increased Optimization Potential

When you understand your forensic data through a visual presentation, it's easy to see room for improvement. Use your personalized timeline to deep-dive into the issues and assess future optimization of processes and procedures.

Stop Malware and Attackers Immediately With Network Confinement and Firewall Rules

At RevBits, we stay one step ahead of attackers because we know how to think like hackers. One of the most common ways to gain access to a large network is to gain access to an endpoint and then move laterally to other, more coveted systems.

Achilles Shield’s state-of-the-art detection and response capabilities allow you to define per-workstation firewall and network confinement rules when an infection occurs, thereby stopping attackers in their tracks and preventing them from pivoting to other systems in your network. Use the Achilles Shield control panel to set policies for network access that will automatically be enabled when an infection occurs. For example, you can configure your endpoints to exclusively allow connection to custom, whitelisted IP addresses.


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Achilles Shield runs on Windows 7+ (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Linux and MacOS versions will be available soon.

Deploy Achilles Shield Central Server on-premises or have us deploy and maintain it in the cloud for you.

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