World-Renowned Hackers, Capture-the-Flag (CTF) Champions

Our team at RevBits is comprised of cyber security professionals regarded as experts in their field. We've spent countless hours working as software engineers, system administrators and security researchers. We rely on our expertise to secure - and break into - systems all over the world, and now we're offering our services for your benefit.

Achilles Shield : Be Impenetrable

Protect your organization from the newest and most advanced security threats with our intuitive, high-performance security software.



Our revolutionary privilege access and password management system provides a complete solution to protect, detect, monitor, and alert regarding privileged account activity. The password management system makes managing user and admin passwords a breeze!

Like recognizes like

to beat hackers, you have to think like a hacker.


Your assessments are only as strong as your team. You need tech professionals that can identify all vulnerable services and web applications in your network before others do.


It doesn't matter how much you've invested in your security; it only takes one weak point in your system for an attacker to gain access and cause harm to your business. Let us find and fix your weak points before they do.

Our competitive


Our innovative tools are unrivaled in the entire cybersecurity industry. We'll use exploits, macros, and proof-of-concept malware to simulate an attack on your network, find any weak points, and train your team to respond and remediate effectively. If we don't find critical vulnerabilities on your system, we'll still provide a comprehensive report for free.*

Fast, Focused, Systematic

Our team is contracted by customers all over the world, including from other large security companies. We’re regularly sought after because of our top-notch expertise and innovative approach to security. From our proprietary software, Achilles Shield and Enpast, to our secure client portal, we provide cutting edge technology to our customers.
We've got great tools, but we don't let them do all the work. Manual analysis is the best way to find software vulnerabilities. We deep-dive to provide the details scanning tools cannot and provide an assessment of all the risks identified. We are hands-on security specialists that comb through all of your information, looking for clues.
Monitor your analysis in real-time through the web. We protect all of your data in the cloud and make it available to you at any time, unlike other security firms. All of your information is encrypted twice: through client-side, in-browser (RSA-4096) and while it rests on the server. It’s never left as plain text and is never collocated with other client data. Upload all your sensitive disk images and malware samples and watch as our analysts get to work.
Our method is simple. We don't use automated tools. We are not in sales. We are hackers.
Actionable Results

Actionable Results

Our team provides actionable results. After all, you can't improve your security if you can't understand our findings and deliverables.

We boil our results down into simple, actionable steps you can take to increase your security instantly. We'll walk you through every aspect of our report, leaving nothing to interpretation.

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